15 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 05.06.2018 Cyclamen

  1. I had one for two seasons. I was amazed as I am no gardener. I got it in May and it flowered till November. I thought I’d try and keep it so I read up on what to do and when the leaves died back put it in a cupboard for two or three months brought it out and it was starting to sprout new leaves so I put it back by the window and it flowered a second winter. Sadly it didn’t survive the next summer in the cupboard and I had to get another one. This one has not been so good. Leaves dying and not as many flowers. They really don’t like a lot of water but I am not sure where I am going wrong with this one.

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    • I have never been lucky with them. I think I kept the bulb of this one. Perhaps I might put it in the garden and see if anything might happen. It seems they don’t like too much water.

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      • They don’t I only water mine sparsely a couple of times a week at most. The gardening sites I looked at said that a cyclamen from a nursery would do well outside in the right position but that the ones you get from supermarkets etc would not and suggested the dark cupboard for the off season. They seem to look down on these “florist’s cyclamen” a bit but I would say stick it in the garden what do you have to lose?

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