Good Morning


Another summer day today. Yesterday it was warm and sunny but in the afternoon the sky clouded over. I did not really intend to go anywhere so I was not bothered and spent the afternoon outside with my computer. In the evening a strong wind gathered, the heavens clouded over and we got this.

Storm Sky

It looked quite dramatic and so we battened down the hatches and hoped it would not be once of the king sized storms. It rained quite heavily, but no thunder so it was more shows than anything else. During the night it normalised and this morning everything under control.


My climbing rose is flowering again, although it has nowhere to climb to. I used to have a trellis on the wall, but had to remove it when the builders moved in last year to paint the wall, and decided not to replace it on our newly painted wall. Unfortunately a collection of stinging nettles are now growing in the background of the rose, and are approaching flowering time. No-one has volunteered to remove them. We have quite thick gardening gloves that we can wear so I am hoping the job will be done this week by perhaps Mr. Swiss or No. 1 son. Funny that no-one likes removing stinging nettles.

I am glad to say that we now have a new functioning Daily Prompt section in WordPress thanks to the initiative of some of us. The WordPress people are absolutely doing nothing, so do-yourself is now called for. I still do not understand why WordPress killed the daily Prompt. For me and many others, it was a daily challenge to write that we all appreciated. Even the weekly photo section has disappeared. Nothing new has arrived to replace these things. Perhaps WordPress have discovered that you can really substitute human beings with computers, and the offices are empty. Just a few computers doing all the work, or perhaps there were always robots doing the work.

I have a Monday morning shopping trip and unfortunately I have to do this myself, with Mr Swiss. That robot has not yet been invented. I could of course order the goods online, but it is a  bit dodgy when you cannot choose the goods yourself, especially with the veg and fruit and in Switzerland we have to pay extra for delivery charges.

I am now on my way with the vacuum cleaner so enjoy your day (it can even be fun with the vacuum cleaner). See you around. I will leave you with the rose I have in a small pot on my table on the patio.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • The Daily prompt was more for those that enjoyed writing. We were given a subject, just a word., and would write about it. I made many friends on this page as did most of us and that is what we are now missing. There were more than 100 entries daily.

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  1. Your Arum Lily is growing nicely. You can do online shopping here at Pick ‘n Pay and if it is over a certain amount, the delivery is free, if they deliver to your area. For my 60th birthday, my sister ordered for me from New Zealand – of course someone has to be at home to receive the goods and estimated times of delivery are not always accurate.


  2. One thing we can each do is reply to that prompt that comes up a the top of an new post with, “Could be Better”. I did that with a note explaining why I was unhappy with the Daily Prompt and Weekly Photo Prompt going away.


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