Ragtag Daily Prompt #1: Redux

Canna and Calla

They returned again after 15 years. I bought the bulbs in the local supermarket and planted them myself: the big leaves belong to my canna and the shoots are the calla. You can even see my climbing rose in the background which has been in the same place for at least ten years.

In Autumn they dwindle, but do not die. Our daily prompt has dwindled and died. My plants are taken to the cellar, away from the snow and ice of the Winter Days. Eventually you see just dried leaves and dry earth. In April it is time to come back to the real world. Did they give up during the Winter, or are they still alive. The dead leaves of the last summer are removed from the pot and we have a desert of dry earth.

They have their first rainy days again outside on the porch. Will they grow again? After a month the first green leaves poke through. Yes they made it, they have returned again. The suspense is over. Where have the flowers gone? They are sitting deep in the bulbs waiting for their entry to the summer world again.

Ragtag Daily Prompt #1: Redux

7 thoughts on “Ragtag Daily Prompt #1: Redux

  1. Redux is a splendidly better word than retrospective. I’m waiting for my orchid shoots to show some sign of making buds. For that matter, a few roses would be nice, but I cut them back with fervor this year, so I may have to wait until next year. They needed the pruning. Welcome to a new prompt. Let’s see how it goes!

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    • I gave up with orchids as they never reflowered, just once and that was more luck than judgement. I planted to of my potted roses from last year in the garden and they are now growing. I am hoping that this new prompt is successful. I noticed it is all women working on it, so it should work out.

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