Good Morning


What a lovely morning and it is: blue skies, sun and some clouds to complete the picture. Even our weather forecasters tell us that Summer is now here showing its best side. Of course now and again there will be a few summer storms, but no big deal. That is the idea. We have had a few around Switzerland in the past week, mainly in the Zürich area. I saw video films on the news of roads paved with ice from the hailstones. Yesterday afternoon I went for a wheelie in my chair. It was pleasant weather, warm and I wanted to make the most of it. I planned for one and half hours, but returned after an hour when I saw this in the distance from the castle at the top of the hill over our area.

Clouds 31.05 (3)

We do not have tornados in Switzerland, at least not the imposing stuff you get in other countries and this was the nearest I have ever seen to one. It was a black cloud formation in the distance which did not promise anything good. I slowly made my way home. Now and again the wind gathered as it to say I will be coming. I eventually arrived home in one piece. The grey sky was gathering, although the sun was peeping through. Mr. Swiss was preparing the evening cold cuts and salad and mentioned he was glad that I was at home as something was brewing. About half an hour later it began to rain.

Rain? that was an understatement. It came down in threads.

Rain 31.05 (7)

The metal gulley over our entrance to the block was soon a rivulet of water pouring into our front garden. Mr. Swiss was watching the back garden which was not much different. Of course this was all accompanied by loud bangs of thunder. I had never seen anything like it.

Rain 31.05 (3)

According to the national news, they reported that this time Kanton Solothurn where we live was hard hit by the electronic storms we have been having. I thought it was the end of the world, complete with dark skies. After half an hour it was over. We had no permanent damage, just the sun bed and a chair where the cushions were soaked because we were too late in taking them inside and no-one wanted to venture outside again to rescue them without wearing plastic from head to toe and carrying a king sized umbrella, which would probably have been blown away.  It looks like that cloud I saw in the distance was telling me something.

Crops 31.05.2018

We had had some heavy rain and a storm the day before, as a warning probably. As I wheeled on my way yesterday I notice some of the damage to the crops in the fields, although these plants will recover. I do not know what damage was done yesterday, but I can imagine a lot more. I felt sorry for my stork perched up on his tower with his baby exposed to the rain and hope that they survived.

Stork 26.05 (1)

I was intending to visit yesterday, but it was too far to go with such a storm brewing. I will have a look today. It seems that summer has now arrived, but what an overture it had yesterday.

Today is the day of week-end shopping and the list has been made, although we wanted to spice it up a bit with something new, but we had no idea, so it looks like the usual monthly circuit again. I should now move one, there are things to be done. I am now interested to see what I might write this afternoon without a daily prompt which has now been terminated by WordPress.  I am sure something will turn up and will do my best.

I will leave you with a few wild flowers I found on my wheelie yesterday before the rains came down.

Wild Flowers 31.05 (1)

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We had a deluge last night too. Besides the 32mm of rain we had yesterday, we had another 47mm overnight, so about 79mm altogether 🙂 No tornadoes though, although I do remember one occurring here, they mostly occur to the north and east of South Africa.

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  2. Crops and animals might suffer worst from too much rain – here it is the reverse now. Our storks must have rain very soon, or their little ones will starve to death.

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  3. I’m glad you paid heed to that cloud warning! When we see clouds like that, we run — run to the nearest shelter, as tornadoes move quite quickly. I hope the poor stork survived!

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    • In our area we do not get tornados, it was the shape of the strange cloud that reminded me of one. Although when the rains came down they were more like threads than drops pf water.

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  4. We’re getting the big rain over the weekend. Tomorrow the clouds gather and Sunday, big rain. But nice next week, or so they are saying on the weather reports.

    That cloud sure did look like a cyclone. I’m glad it wasn’t. They rarely show up in areas with mountains. Long areas of flat land seem to be THE place for it so probably, you will never have one. Your country is too bumpy 😀

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    • We still have some clouds hanging around, but nothing threatening. We are now into a spell of good summer weather. We have never had a cyclone here, but get storm winds generally in the first months of the year. They even get names. The storm we had a day ago was really a big one. Luckily our area didn’t get flooded, we are too high up from the river.


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