Good Afternoon

Road to Langendorf 30.05 (4)

I automatically wanted to visit the Daily Prompt grid, the place that I have been visiting for the past 8 years, where I always found something to write about. Sometimes the words did not suit me and often I had to have a look in a dictionary to see what it was all about, but now it is finished. I only found a traffic light that was permanently switched to red. Traffic lights have a habit of turning red, just when you want to go further. Undaunted I decided to go further as I even got a promise from WordPress that the archives were still there to examine and choose from. Unfortunately they omitted to say that the archives were also eight years old and had nothing new.

Now I have been summoned but not fetched, no-one wants me. Where there is a will there is a way, and so I delved into my own archives. As I was leaving the supermarket this morning I noticed there was a special offer being held for roses, 2 for 9.90 Swiss Francs.


Why not 10 Swiss Francs. Was this one of those public relational tricks to make us think we were buying a bargain because they were 10  rappen (Swiss for cents) less than 10 francs. I bought them all the same. They were in plastic pots neatly packed in a plastic bag with a hanger to carry them. I decided why not, I can put one pot on the table on the back porch and the other in the front porch. When they are finished I can plant them in the garden and hope that they will grow and flower again.

I managed to lose Mr. Swiss in the supermarket this morning. I said in a loud and clear voice I will go and buy some mushrooms. He looked at me from a distance and that was the last I saw of him for at least 15 minutes. In the meanwhile I collected a few other items, like various vegetables, cream and some cold cuts nicely packed in plastic. Suddenly I saw Mr. Swiss again, hovering around the butchers section.  He proudly told me he had bought the meat for Sunday which I was not so happy about, because that is something I like to choose myself. By each article that I buy I strike it from our joint cloud shopping list on our iPhones. Mr. Swiss was astonished to see that the list was almost empty except for the meat. Whilst he spend 15 minutes buying one portion of meat, I bought everything except for the meat in the same time. I would add he had the trolley and I only had my walker, but it is amazing what you can pile into those walkers.

I know this is boring, but believe me I had a real exciting time in the supermarket and I wrote this without a prompt.Who needs a prompt when daily life can be so exciting.

And now I must go, I have places to see and to go in my wheelchair. The nice thing about not having a daily prompt is that I do not have to bother about including pingbacks in my writing.



23 thoughts on “Good Afternoon

  1. That is not all AMAZON did this morning. They have block me from most of the sites I use. I can write in the name on the web and get into. This is terrible. I have requested help but they are probably swamped with angry customers. I usually write a Good Afternoon at various times. I can’t get into any of the national news.

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      • I’m sure they are going to put in LOTS more stuff on how to “monetize” your website. Like we are really business people and all we needed was the jolt from WordPress. Dumping the challenges was not a good move and it will not encourage new people to join. It’s exactly the opposite of what they should be doing, but I’ve long since given up trying to make sense of what they do.

        They this this is going to make them richer. It won’t.


  2. I wonder why they discontinued The Daily Prompt and Weekly Photo Challenge. I am quite saddened because these were such important places to connect with other bloggers. It seems strange to do that when the whole purpose of WP is to share with fellow writers, photographers, poets, etc. Your thoughts, Pat.

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  3. there are several bloggers who have taken on the daily post by themselves, and are taking turns posting a word or phrase of the day. Cyranny of cyrannys cove is one, as is Dee kelly of thriving not surviving. I have already forgotton the names of the other two that decided to work together to keep the daily word going.


  4. I sent Garry off to CVS to get his meningitis shot. He wanted to know why I didn’t want to go grocery shopping with him (I had promised) and the truth was that I know he is going to get stuck at CVS for at least an hour, maybe more and I totally can’t cope with the idea of sitting around CVS waiting for him.

    Garry also takes forever to do even the smallest thing. He goes to the supermarket to pick up five items and is gone three hours. it’s just three miles away and there’s no traffic, but I think he has conversations with everyone who recognizes him from when he used to be on TV. I doubt he understand half of what they say, either, but he smiles and nods. When they fix his ear and he can hear, he will realize that smiling and nodding was a lot less work.

    Martha went hunting for another platform and discovered (as we have already discovered) there’s nothing OUT there.


    • Mr. Swiss tends to get a bit muddled these days, although who doesn’t when you become a golden oldie. We help each other, but I have discovered that taking the initiative is a good solution for me. Mr. Swiss is not the same famous as Gary, but he seems to know more people than I do. I learnt to smile and nod when everyone started talking to me in swiss German. Now I understand them, but the first few years was a bit difficult.
      I read what Martha wrote, it seems she was directed constantly back to WordPress. I am not past hunting for anything new, I am too golden oldie.


  5. I think this must be a man thing. David often used to go to the shop for one item and not be seen again for a couple of hours because he had got talking to various people. He did love to chat. Once he was gone with the dog for so long one evening that I called the police because I was afraid he had an accident in the car or had fallen over. I knew he couldn’t get up without help even before he was ill. It turned out that he was just talking to a couple of guys also there with dogs. After that I asked him to phone me if he was going to be gone an extra long time.

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