Good Morning

Back Garden

It was a pleasant afternoon yesterday, sunshine a light breeze and warm. Now and again I thought I heard a distant rumble, but everything was OK on our side of Switzerland. During the evening there were more rumbles and in the late evening, just before I decided to retire to my nest, it began to rain. It was not just rain it was a downpour, a torrent. I am not sure if hailstones were also included. It was dark outside and I too wet to have a look. It was still thundering when I went to bed which somehow sent me to sleep. This morning the world was OK. My garden still existed and there were no little ponds anywhere. In some parts of Switzerland roads turned to rivers, and there was a snowy similar landscape caused by hailstones. Even Zürich Airport was closed.


And look who has returned after an interval of a year. As soon as it rains there are back. I should have been warned yesterday because I found one of these, a mini example, in the bedroom in front of the window. I had been doing stuff with the window and probably it sleeked in. They do tend to sleek, no rush for a slug. Anyhow I deposed of the single example in the bedroom to the garden, but this one was taking a walk on the porch looking for food probably. I re-organised my garden some time ago and have now only plants that do not fit in the diet of a snail, but they never give up. I used to put salt on them, but had a guilty conscience when I saw the chemical reaction. I also have pellets which kill them. I eventually gave up and if I see one I pick it up and throw it into the meadow. after all they cannot help being slugs.

Road to Langendorf 30.05 (5)

Yesterday I decided to stay at home and no big wheelchair journeys were planned. I visited the supermarket in the morning and filled up on food for the next two days. Today is Corpus Christi, so big deal as all the shops are again closed and people in our Swiss Kanton, which is roman catholic, are not working. When I was a working lady Mr. Swiss worked in the Kanton of Bern so he did not get the day off as Bern is Swiss Reform Church. I always volunteered to work on that day as we had to have a skeleton staff. It was nice an quiet and Mr Swiss was working in any case. I would take the day off at a later date. Now I am a golden oldie and every day is a holiday more or less, except for shopping and doctor visits.

Yesterday I finished cleaning all my windows on the West side. Thank goodness we have nice metal blinds that we pull down at night and my windows remain splash free from the rain yesterday.  Actually cleaning windows is becoming a strenuous task since breaking my leg, but I survived.  I have now noticed that my left leg is definitely shorter that the right. It seems to have shrunk after being broken, even the surgeon and physio therapist lady mentioned this. I now notice when I walk that I definitely have a tilt towards the right and if I stand I can see the difference. It is only a few centimeters, and now I am something completely different. You must always make the most of these things.

Today is a day of relaxation although I think I might clean the doors. I have to do something to pass the time, do not want to get bored. I will leave you with the first rose that has flowered in my garden this year and I noticed there are more buds to open. The photo is by courtesy of Mr. Swiss, but I am not sure if he was taking a photo of the rose or our garden frog king.

M - Rose

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I don’t kill snails or slugs either – they are food for birds and glow worm larva. It is raining steadily at the moment and our dams are filling up slowly – that will take a long time but this city won’t run out of water for now and probably never. A deluge is forecast for tonight.

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    • I have had bad experience with slugs when they have eaten and destroyed complete plants, so now I avoid certain types. Glad that you are at last getting enough water in your country

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    • It is normal for electric storms here, but not so normal to get so much hail which is not so good for the fruit trees. I grew up in London, Bethnal Green, and we very rarely had electric storms at that time


  2. Ah, you have roses. Last I looked, we were a long way from roses, but they show up very suddenly. I never see the buds, but suddenly, I see flowers.

    Those hale storms are strange. The last one we got, it went as dark as midnight and it wasn’t even 5 in the evening yet. We had two nice days, today and yesterday, but by Saturday, we will be back to rain all next week. Strange, strange days are here.

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  3. That looks like one of the old fashioned hybrid tea roses that I grew up with. They are still my favorite. Those English roses and David Austin roses are overrated. I really dislike fads.

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    • I like the red roses most of all. I cannot remember the name of this rose, I have had it so long. I remember I nearly lost it once tonangebend army of green caterpillars, but I fought and won

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      • Some of my favorite roses were some of the early trendy roses that were planted before my time, and lost their tags long ago. I also prefer the reds and, of course, the whites. However, the reds are easier to like. So few of the whites are good enough. Like rhododendrons, most have some sort of off color to them, like blush or highlights or some such imperfection. I think that roses are at their best in red.

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