Good Morning

Jura 29.05 (1)

No clouds this morning, just a plain blue sky. It looks like the summer days are upon us again. I tool this photo of a floating cloud over the Jura mountains as I went for a wheelie yesterday afternoon.  I did not really want to go anywhere. The cleaning lady was here for an hour to do the kitchen and I was outside on the porch with Mr. Swiss on the computer. I did my computer stuff and realised there would be time to go places and see things, so I saddled my wheelchair and was off.

I decided to take the simple route over the cemetery, the castle and afterwards visit the animals. It is smooth running because there are not great obstacles to overcome by crossing roads with large steps that make a bumpy ride.

Alps 29.05 (1)

As I looked towards the south I noticed that the mountains towards the Bernese Overland were showing their peaks. These are not the big ones, but those in the front. The atmosphere did not allow seeing the snow capped peaks, but even these can be impressive. As the seasons get warmer, there is less snow on the peaks.The building at the front of the photo are parts of our village.

Horse 29.05 (3)

The local male (in case you did not notice 🙂 ) pony was in the meadow enjoying some grass so I stopped to get a photo. The next part of the journey was again to see the ducks, swans, geese and chickens.

Chickens 29.05 (1)

Even the one and only rooster was outside with his womenfolk and making a lot of noise. I noticed the hens answered, so something must have been happening.

Ducks 29.05 (2)

Time to move on so I took the path again through the cemetery and across the road, being the easiest to navigate. Somtimes I think I am the only person going places in the neighbourhood. Most people are still members of the working force and those that I see on their way are golden oldies like myself. At home I only really hear the noises of the crows gathering in the trees, song birds, and mowers and hedge cutters: which reminds me we should get our hedge cut as well. It is beginning to expand in the warm summer days.

Otherwise no big events yesterday. I now spend my evenings outside reading until it gets too dark. Today is again a shopping excursion on the list of things to do. I will now move on to stuff with a vacuum cleaner and a mop, all in the daily schedule. I also have a shopping list to compose, oh the stress. I will be back some time today, after all it is the penultimate day of the daily prompt and grid, so we must make the most of it. Our chances of meeting each other are now becoming fewer and far between. All in the name of a new brilliant idea where someone had a dream at the WordPress headquarters.

Wild Flowers 29.05 (2)

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