Good Morning

Rainy morning in garden

Today is cleaning lady day, so I am a little late with saying a good morning. Some over the pond may already be in a deep sleep unless they are nightworkers. Some time in the early morning it began to rain and I awoke to the sound of raindrops outside. This did not bother me as hugging the bed is the best place to be. We were actually quite glad for some rain, otherwise we would have had to give the garden some water. Water is an expensive commodity in Switzerland, although so is electricity and gas, but when nature helps to save money, why not.

My garden is growing very well, probably  because of the sunny days and the rain. On the left my hollyhocks are doing well. Actually this one is from a seed that found its way in the garden. The original mother plant was a builder’s victim last year. The hostas are always a reliable plant and even these are now more, as I had some transplanted when the builders arrived last year from the place where the scaffolding was planted. In the corner I have some storks beaks (geranium?) which are now beginning to flower and then we have the Japanese Maple which has been there since at least 15 years when I planted it.

I also have patches of shamrock springing up everywhere. For the Irish it is probably a sign of luck being a national plant. For me it is a disturbance, as in every space these green clover leaves appear. The only advantage is that they do not have a deep root system and are easy to remove. They have small yellow flowers which seem to be very good at spreading their seeds everywhere.  I know it looks nice and fresh and green, but eventually your plants appear as an in between event and the main background is this Irish lucky clover.


Yesterday was a stay at home afternoon. The weather was warm and sunny, but I decided now and again it is good to relax with the computer outside. I usually write my WordPress daily prompts (RIP from 31st May) some time in the afternoon which means transporting my computer to the porch, the weather being good. That is the advantage of a walker. I only use it for walking now in the supermarkiset, or for transport. It has become very useful for moving my electronic apparatus from inside to outside. The first step is to shift my Mac outside. As this computer needs no support from the electric system for a few hours and is lightweight it is not such a problem. I could even carry it under my arm, with the magic mouse in my pocket, but the wheeler is better.

After writing the prompts I move onto my Windows 10 Acer Aspire V Nitro, which needs to be plugged in. Luckily I have an electric point outside on the porch. I have all my thousands of photos on this computer, although the photos I need for WP work are online in Flickr. I then process a few challenges that I take part in and continue with some photo uploading if there are any to upload.

The life of a cyber golden oldie can be quite a stress sometimes ensuring that the computers are where they should be. Transporting the Acer on the walker is more complicated. It is a bigger laptop and heavier, and I have to lift it over the entrance to the porch. Now and again I might go for a wheelie in my wheelchair, there is always time for everything.

Stork 26.05 (5)

A few days ago I showed a few photos of a stork I saw near our high school perched up on a tower, which was probably built with stork nesting places in mind. Yesterday on our way home from the supermarket we drove past the area and I saw the stork on its platform. It has a baby in the nest. I decided I must take another wheelie for some more photos as the baby is growing.

And now to do something constructive, like perhaps cleaning a window, and beginning to cook lunch. Otherwise I have done all my daily chores and I can hear the cleaning lady taking care of the rest.  Oh what a life we golden oldies lead. Make the most of what is left I say. Enjoy your day everyone, or night, let’s clean that window and cook.

Flowers 27.05 (1)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Such pretty pictures. The shamrocks are really nice, too bad they are considered a nuisance but I see why that would be the case. Some of us over the pond get up at 5 am because we have to go to work so your post was only an hour old when I looked at it. It was a rainy weekend here on the US east coast, and the weather is going to get dreary-er as this tropical storm Alberto works it way up the mid section of the continent then veers east as it surely will. So we will look at your photos and cherish them since they give us memories of what sunny skies with fluffy white clouds look like.

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    • Shamrocks are ok, but they grow everywhere, especially between the stones on the porch. Inusually Write my post later on Tuesday as I like to finish my höuhoöd stuff before the lady arrives.
      Our rain has now disappeared and we have sunshine, so it looks like it will be a good day.


  2. I’m reading your post at night, after a busy day. Shamrocks remind me to my mom. She once had to hide from the secret service of the communists because she was a dissident in the cold war era at the other side of the Iron Curtain. She found refuge in a farm. She was a city girl and suddenly she found herself grazing cows. She knew nothing about cows and was terrified by them, because they were enormous and they wandered wherever they wanted. They didn’t obey her. Her sister in law who was in charge of the farm only told her that they couldn’t eat shamrocks because if they do they become sick. It seems that the cows love shamrocks and my mom had to run after them with her rod, to set them aside from the danger. But , then, the cows turned against her, mooing, and frightening her. Pretty scary. She told me this story and many others about the farm, laughing. It was hard but after the years, the remembrances become very funny

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    • Although I take many photos of cows, they are always on the other side of the fence and probably for a reason. Some time ago Mr. Swiss and I took a walk to where there were four cows. Suddenly he found we must go immediately. He said one of the cows was a bull and they can get very aggressive. I managed to get a couple of photos before we left.
      Shamrock grows everywhere in its season. It is very annoying. I did not know that cows are not supposed to eat it.

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  3. for some reason i started following along your daily posts and your pictures of happenings round your place there, very interesting to visit countries virtually, have a good day/night 🙂

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  4. It seems that everyone everywhere can not decide between geranium and storksbill or cranesbill. I think of my pelargoniums as geraniums, and do not grow storksbill.
    I dis used to grow that pieris in the last picture. It as one of our main crops years ago, along with rhododendrons, camellias and azaleas.

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    • When I go on my journeys in my district I love to take photos of the various flowers I see in the meadows, hedges and gardens, but often I do not know their names. Geraniums are the red flowers everyone has in their flower boxes, but there is also the basic variety where many do not realise they are also geraniums. No matter. They are also very good flowers to have.

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      • Yes, I agree with that; but it is my job to work with them, so I must know the proper name to avoid confusion with clients. I just go with the name the client uses for whatever we are talking about at the time . . . except for sweetgum. I do not budge on that one.

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