Daily Prompt: Juxtapose

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I seem to be doing everything wrong. This morning the cleaning lady was here busy with this and that and I naturally had some spare time. I could take it easy and let someone else do the work. On the other hand I had naturally some time on my hands having done my usual morning chores and I was left with nothing to do, nothing for a juxtapostition with me or did I again not get this one right, so I had a look at the German word which was easier for me or should have been. In any case we have it, or do we? Two objects together. Oh, I give up, and decided to return to cleaning windows which I actually did this morning. Just the two big ones which form the glass exit and entrance to my kitchen. I will do the rest during the week.

I passed this guy yesterday when travelling home from my shopping trip. He was in a juxtapose with a lot of windows, but he was lucky. He had a crane to stand on and just move his arm up and down with the window cleaning implements. I see these juxtapositional window cleaning cranes a lot. Where I grew up in London, we were working class, not rich, but for cleaning outside windows you always had a guy that earned his living as a window cleaner. They arrived with a ladder and some rags and a bucket of water and cleaned your outside windows. Even the window on the ground floor was too high for mum to reach.

Today you organise a mini window cleaner holding crane and the job is done. I can imagine something like this in New York City where the skyscrapers achieve untold heights. Just imagine cleaning the top windows of the Empire State Building with something like that. The Juxtapositional possibilities of man and machine are fantastic.

So, did I do it, was I juxtapositional? If not, who cares. This is the antepenultimate Daily Prompt, and I really want to be one of the last survivors.

Window Cleaner

Daily Prompt: Juxtapose

4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Juxtapose

  1. I don’t think, other than a power spray, the outside of our windows have ever been washed. There are some things that don’t get done. The ground is uneven and there are SO many windows … and we don’t own a ladder long enough to reach them. Even if we still had the ladder (it was stolen) that we are the people who should be standing on high ladders washing windows anyway.

    Juxtaposition was one of those words they used to use in literature classes tat you thought you understood, but you didn’t. Not really. You sort of got it. Sort of didn’t.

    Just keep in touch! I follow you anyway, as I do all the people I like, daily prompters or not. That does not have to change! Meeting NEW people — THAT will be much harder.

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    • Of course I have heard of this word, who hasn’t, never bothered to find out what it meant, so I had to do a google check. I still do not know. I wonder if Ben the invincible daily prompt killer knows. I always find you thanks to the Reader because that is the only way I go. I will know have to start following all the people whose stuff I like to read to keep in touch. We will now only meet business men the ones in suits, because they are the new WordPress customers. We golden oldies are no longer needed and the youngsters are too busy writing on their phones.


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