Daily Prompt: Guilty

Cows 22.05.2018

I think it was a horse that passed this way. It was on the concrete path, an invitation for a photo. It could have been a cow, but their  traces are usually flat and in the fields  being the foundation for homeless flies. The nice thing about this is that neither the horse, or even a cow, would feel guilty about it. It is a natural process in life. The hay and grass they eat must go somewhere eventually. I did not feel guilty about taking the photo: worse things have been given prizes at exhibitions.

At my age I no longer bother about guilty feelings, why should I. Do I feel guilty that I am now sitting outside on the porch with my computer writing and enjoying the nice sunny weather. I could be shopping, doing housework, there is always something to do. Actually I wanted to go somewhere with my camera, but I slept too long after dinner and it would be too much stress.

Someone has discovered that shopping in the afternoon would be more comfortable than in the morning. There are not so many people, but for me it would be an inconvenience and  more stress. I might have more time in the morning, but not less to do. It would just be a shifting of responsibilities  and packing more into the afternoon as well as dealing with the normal daily chores in the morning. Afternoon is me time, the few hours when I do what I want to do and when I want to do it. Definitely not rubbing shoulders with other housewives in the local supermarket and using up any spare time I might have. Or should I feel guilty about that.

Cows 22.05 (4)

Daily Prompt: Guilty

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Guilty

  1. Whenever I feel guilty which is hardly ever I re-read my diaries and marvel over my past frantic life. Done that, been there, got the grey hair and wrinkles – time to do whatever I want to now😀

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  2. I agree with probably horse, second possibility cow, and not likely anybody else. Our yard has so much interesting scat now and then that I love to try to figure it out–and I have no guilt at all at my science investigations!

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    • At least you might get an interesting photo. One of the things about living in the country. We have a stork colony near us and if one of them perches on the edge of the roof, it is not funny when it’s recycling material arrives down into the garden. They are big birds.

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      • They are indeed–I never thought about that.

        On another subject, do you know about Bouchons Vaudois? There is a blog here that talked about them, and the lady said that even some Swiss people do not know what they are.


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