I have not been around this afternoon to write (visit from No. 2 son and family included my grandson). However what more can I write, Marilyn says it all in this post. I have been in such situations myself, that little step that leads to a big step to an injury. That feeling that nothing is safe, because you can no longer do it. Everything is out to get you. The youngsters here might be laughing but one day your time will come when you think twice before going down the stairs. I am even worried about taking my grandson in my arms in case I might drop him.

Daily Prompt: Awkward

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Photo: Garry Armstrong

Me walking anywhere. More like limping. Me, trying to clamber into the bathtub and hoping, praying, I’m not going to fall down in the process.  Awkward is anytime I have to go upstairs. Worse, slowly and awkwardly going down. I rarely fear falling upward, but I’m always sure I’m going to fall down.

My days of grace have wandered far into the distance. Not that I was ever really graceful, even way back in the days of youth. I always felt like my feet were about to get tangled together and down I’d go. About the most graceful I ever felt was on horseback!

Now, I’m glad if I can get anywhere and not fall on my face doing it! Some of us are just born that way.

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7 thoughts on “AWKWARD CAN BE CUTE IN A KLUTZY WAY, RIGHT? – Marilyn Armstrong

    • The last time I fell was at home a couple of weeks ago and there was no-one at home to pick me us. Once I am standing it is ok. I had to call the rescue from the local hospital.Two surdy strong guys arrived with the ambulace and got me in a a couple of minutes: cost – 950 Swiss francs, although the insurance will pay most of it.

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  1. The fear is real and not unreasonable. i won’t pick up one of the dogs — the are too heavy. Sometime of pot of food for dinner is heavy and I worry i’ll drop it. This is NOT what I had in mind for maturity!

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  2. I’m not graceful, either, but I could keep my balance beautiful running on a trail. I could, though, fall flat on my face on a perfectly flat nice new sidewalk. Oh well and now? I pretty much feel like crying, but that will pass… 😀

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