Good Morning

Clouds 19.05 (1)

I wish I could say that this was today’s sky, but it is yesterday afternoon when the sun was shining and it was warmer. The clouds were already gathering and on my way home from my wheelie in my chair I had to go into second gear to get home in time before the rains came, and they did. I suppose there is always a bright side, as we did not have to water the garden. Our lawn seems to have recovered from the builder’ battle with nature and with the exception of two or three small bare patches, it can only get better.

River Aare 19.05 (12)

I was determined to get out yesterday afternoon come what may. I had been cooped up at home for a week due to rain and storm  I also had things I wanted to do at home, or had to do at home.

I set off with absolute no target in mind of where to go. I decided along the river bank would be a good idea with the possibility of perhaps getting into town. It is a straight drive on a bumpy stony path, but for a wheelchair profi like myself, no big problem. The problem is I stop on the way to take a few photos.

Swan 19.05 (1)

And if you happen to see one or two swans on the way, you change your camera lens to zoom and get a close up, hoping that the swan stays on your side of the river. I noticed the sound of rifle shots on my way. Saturday afternoon seems to be the chosen time for rifle practice. It is an obligation for Swiss soldiers to do their annual rifle practice, as otherwise they only get to use their rifles when they are in their 3 weeks a year service.

I wheeled on and eventually saw the cathedral towers of Solothurn.

Solothurn 19.05 (6)

This was the farthest I had been up to now towards our town. I was now at a point to decide whether to actually go into town or not, but slowly the weather was changing. Our town has cobblestones everywhere. There are only a few roads with traffic permitted, although a wheelchair as the same rights as a pedestrian. I tried a patch of cobblestones, decided it was not really my thing as a bit bumpy and turn round towards home.

I decided to postpone my adventure to another day. I have a target in mind, our so-called bicycle bridge, which would be ideal to cross. My experience with wheelchair travel has shown me that the local authorities could perhaps be a little more thoughtful when planning their roads, but I am a minority and making my first experiences. They renewed the road crossing to the castle where I live, but I prefer to go the long way round as the alternative road crossing is not such a steep up and down shaking all the bones in the body.

Dog 19.05 (2)

The dogs were also on their way. I was not sure if this one was friendly or not. Perhaps it was just annoyed that it was forced to go walkies with its human and take a bath in the river. Was this the Hound of the Baskervilles? Its eyes were a little bloodshot I realised, or perhaps it was the breed vampire dog. I also wheeled past a pair of hippies which I thought no longer really existed. They had dreadlock hairstyles and were walking barefoot on the stones and rubble of the path. I did not trust myself to take a photo, some people can be very fussy. They also had a dog with them.

As I was on the home run I got a phone call on my mobile phone from a worried Mr. Swiss who had been hearing thunder and seeing black clouds forming. I could reassure him that I was only around the corner and would soon be ringing the doorbell.

And that was my afternoon adventure, arriving home safe and well and ready for the next one.

River Aare 19.05 (15)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • Although it is also limited according to the width of the path. I am so glad for my chair as I don’t have to depend on others and Inreally cannot walk without support any more


  1. Santa Cruz is severely infested with hippies. Fortunately, the majority of them are as peaceful as they are supposed to be. However, there a few that protest for all sorts of rights that just are not practical. We just passed a local ordinance legalizing toplessness for ladies; as if we need more ordinances. I never would have guessed that it was illegal, but that most ladies simply had enough tact to behave in public. I have serious issue with ladies who either go topless or dress like hookers; who get men prosecuted for sexual harassment. One can not accidentally glace toward one of those sorts without them protesting. The simple solution is (besides not being such a b____) is to not go out looking like a hooker. If I ask such a lady how much she charges, that would be an honest mistake.

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      • Excitement? That is an odd way of describing it. I happen to live in an isolated rural area surrounded by suburban and urban areas that are remarkably diverse. Santa Cruz is famously liberal, but Los Gatos and San Jose are just a few more miles in the opposite direction. San Jose is exciting in a way (for those who are into that sort of thing) but is remarkably unexciting for the tenth most populous city in America.

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