Daily Prompt: Narcissism

Daffodils 18.04.2018

Narcissism: no, I do not think that I feel inclined to write all about I, me and myself on a 3-400 word blog. I do not even think that I would find so many words to write about myself. The only good photos I have of narcissus, or daffodils, are from the local cemetery. There was some good looking guy in Greece that saw his reflection in the water a few centuries ago and just could not stop looking.

My mirror is in the bathroom and I need it to see if I can show myself outdoors, like combing my hair or having things growing on your face that you really do not need – not going into details.  I did notice how my hair was turning grey through looking in the mirror. I also have a full length mirror, but I cannot avoid it as it is next to the door when I leave the apartment.

So it seems that Narcissus no longer wanted to live, he just could not leave his reflection and stared at himself until he died. I once had a budgerigar when I was a kid. He had a mirror in his cage, would grip it with a claw to hold it still and would talk to himself for hours pecking at the mirror with his beak. I think he was under the impression that it was another budgerigar looking at him from the mirrorand he got a bit frustrated when he never got an answer.  I gave up talking to my reflection years ago, it never answered to tell me when I asked “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of us all”, probably because my reflection had to think about it first.

Daily Prompt: Narcissism

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Narcissism

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  2. i post pictures to remind myself to remain humble and to keep in mind that I am old, but not necessarily hideous. It’s just that in our world, youth and beauty have become synonymous.

    As for narcissists? There are so many. Everywhere. Movies and TV and politics and then there are ones parents and in-laws. I try not to think about it too hard. It just gets depressing.

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    • I tried to avoid the actual subject matter although the narciccists amongst us are a good joke and give something to laugh at. I remember my school days. There were some girls that would attract the boys like magnets. I never discovered what they had that I didn’t, but what difference does it make eventually

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