Good Morning

Morning  Sky

I was the first to stop hugging the bed this morning, except for Tabby, my feline. I am not sure if she actually hugs anything, but she is always there when I appear. The appartment was still in darkness as the shutters were still closed and there was some washing to clear away that had dried overnight on the stand.

I have a good organisation for washing. Put it in the machine after 9.00 in the evening when electricity is half price and an hour later I can hang it to dry completely, either outside on the porch or inside, It works well as the linen is already half dry when I hang it up. In the morning I can remove it and some time iron what is necessary during the morning, no problem. Since I am now more or less convalesced from my broken leg, I can now do it without help, although I still wobble a bit now and again.

I prepared my frugal breakfast of bread and marmalade (marmalade from the english shop of course) and Mr. Swiss appeared. It was a friendly morning and he noticed that there were clouds. We have now both become cloud spotters. I like to take photos and he  tells me if there are clouds worth shooting. Today they were good clouds, dots of white cumulus with a blue background. Today is the day definitely. This afternoon I will go for a wheelie in my chair. I had been intending to go all week, but it was either raining or I did not have the time.

Road to Langendorf 18.05 (1)

Now the weather is right and I have the time this afternoon so what could be better. It seems that a large part of the Swiss population cannot get enough good weather and again this week-end the Gotthard road is blocked full of good weather tourists all flocking to the Italian part of Switzerland due to the whitsun week-end. Last week it was the same performance for the lengthy Ascension Day week-end. This is the sunshine chamber of Switzerland although it can also rain in that area. Now there are traffic jams since yesterday of this part of the Swiss motorways and if you manage to arrive in Lugano, Locarno or even as far as the Italian border in Ponte Tresa, be prepared to sit and take photos of the queues of cars surrounding you for the four hours you will be stuck in the jam.

I don’t uderstand it. If I want to see water I can take a walk to the River Aare along the path and do not need my car.

River Aare 06.05 (4)

I can sit outside in my garden and listen to Italian records for the atmosphere, close my eyes and I am away, without the kilometer lines of cars surrounding me. I could even open a bottle of Italian wine with the evening meal of pizza or pasta. Who needs to drive 6 hours when I have it all on my doorstep.

Today will be sun fun and nothing to do and tomorrow as well. Monday is Whit Monday and No. 2 son will be visiting with his offspring and wife, what could be better.

So take it easy, soak in the qualities of the local neighbourhood and avoid stress, especially on the road.

Feldbrunnen village 26.04 (5)

11 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • It’s not worth the time or effort. as far as I am concerned.The best monarchy we ever had was when Oliver Cromwell was in charge, and it was cheaper. The only good thing is that Windsor is a nice place. I spent a week-end there once when I was a teenager and it is really a wonderful place.

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  1. I love living in a place where so many want to vacation, with a creek running through the garden, and the beach a short drive away. The tallest trees in the world are common here. It is great. However, I do love to go to the Mojave Desert, as opposite to here as it can get. I don’t know why. I just do.


    • I love living where I am, being close to nature and having lovely places to visit within walking/wheelchair distance, but I cannot match the desert. It just gets a bit dry sometimes in summer if we have a long hot spell of weather with no rain.

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      • Oh, I did not mean it like that. Besides, I would not recommend the desert to anyone who is not already interested in it I just meant that it is good to be pleased in the situation where you are, and not be so rushed to see other places if it is too much of a bother, like waiting in traffic to get there at the same time as everyone else.

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