Daily Prompt: Complication

This reminds me of the details you have to fill in, mainly for social sites. They ask for details about family and above all relationships. It used to be married or single. A new word has slipped in, perhaps it is the modern way of doing things. “It’s complicated”. That can be complicated? Either you have a partner or do not have a partner. Honestly speaking I do not want to know more.  I can be very complicated and so can Mr. Swiss, although he finds he is not complicated and neither am I.

Thank goodness my grandparents or even my parents did not have a computer and belong to the Facebook at the turn of the century. They were married and had one kid after the other, or they were a spinster or bachelor according to whether they had found someone or not. The married ones had no time to get complicated, they were two busy filling the hungry mouths that were appearing owing to the complicated problem of perhaps having no baby pills, it was then just the luck of the night. And the unmarried just got on with it.

Mouse Mat

My computer mouse has also got very complicated. In itself it is not a problem. This is my special Apple magic mouse which I use on my macbook pro. Some do not like them, but he has been with me since I have this computer, a couple of years, and I have got used to him. He now has a problem, but to be quite honest my logitech mouse is also allergic to wooden tables with spaces in between. This is my outside table on the porch and spaces do not agree with mice. The mice  tend to search for something that is not there. Luckily we have a special ergonomic mouse pad which supports your wrist and is the solution to having tables where the surface disappears in between.

Another complication is that I might have to abruptly finish this blogging session as the clouds are gathering and now and again there is a thunderous noise in the background.

Brewing storm
Daily Prompt: Complication

8 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Complication

  1. Yeah, that “it’s compicated” is too complicated for me. BUT if I WERE to give my relationship “status” on Facebook I’d probably use it as a signal to the hordes of men lined up outside wanting to date me that I’m NOT interested at all. So maybe there’s single, married and whatever it is I am.

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  2. You just reminded me that I should go out and take pictures right now. OUR clouds are also gathering. Very fast, too and it’s COLD. Why is it cold?

    My Logitech mouse will operate on anything — except the holes between the slats. Even a pillow will do. They aren’t picky!

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    • No mouse operates on that outside table. It is wooden with spaces in between. Otherwise I never need a mouse mat for either my magic or my logitech mouse. m
      It is also now colder here. I managed to get out this afternnoon, but I think we are in for a storm tonight.


  3. same magic mouse, works fine for me, except it has recently decided that it will no longer work with a mouse pad. strange, very strange, and I’m disinclined to sort through the complications. I’ll just deal with the scratchy sound of using it on my wooden computer shelf.

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