Daily Prompt: Premature

Afternoon sky

We have had a couple of weeks of rain, so much so that I began to specialise in rain photos and today we have blue skies and fluffy wispy clouds. Is it too early to begin to plan on excursions enjoying the good weather. Now my enthusiasm is no longer. This morning, I had a marathon shopping trip in my own. Mr. Swiss dropped me off at the supermarket and had to be somewhere else.

OK, I am a big girl now and can do it on my own, in spite of the fact that I usually hobble around with a walker. Today I had to do it with a supermarket trolley. At the beginning it was OK and I decided, yes I can do it. As I picked up the various items on my phone list I could see the end of the marathon approaching. However, I noticed my legs were slowing down. This was a dress rehearsal to see how it is with no walker, just I, me and my trolley.

In an hour I had completed my quest and Mr. Swiss had also completed his. He was on his way to pick me up. The first part of the whitsun week-end had been completed.

And now our cloudy sky has disappeared, the rain has been banished and we have sun and pleasant temperatures and  I am now too exhausted to go places. We ate lunch an hour later than usual, so I slept an hour longer, nothing premature about today, it was more overdue.

Daily Prompt: Premature

9 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Premature

  1. I share you pain. This morning, Garry is off doing his stuff and I’m trying to get doctors and hospitals and appointments for a whole bunch of things and our sun just disappeared behind the clouds AGAIN. It’s chilly, too. Oh well. We are in the Weird Weather pattern I guess and not leaving anytime soon.

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    • I was so looking forward to going somewhere this afternoon, but the stupid morning shopping pushed everything behind. Actually it was a little experiment to see if I could do it under my own steam. Yes and No, Friday week-end shopping is not so ideal. The sun is still shining and it is gradually warming up, so I am planning this evening, as long as the rain does not return.


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