Daily Prompt: Infect

Rain 16.05 (10)

I get infected by all sorts of things. Life is not just learning how to handle a vacuum cleaner or clean windows, but applying the grey matter to realise it is still alive. I have gone through many phases in my golden oldie life. When I think of my motherhood days, I ask myself how could I have spent afternoons, and evenings, with two needles and a ball of wool knitting pullovers and even socks. What a waste of time, and I even enjoyed it.

As life progressed the kids grew up and my knitting infection was cured, but then the computer arrived. It was time to play games, to discover the various worlds of rifts, magicians, and how to fly an aircraft. Even this passed and I was left with Facebook games by a company called Zynga. I discovered that this company still exist, even in Facebook, but in the meanwhile I discovered  this infection was developing almost into an addiction and so I did cold turkey.

In the meanwhile I did a learning curve into the insides of the computer and completed a web assistant course getting infected with the details of html. Lurking somewhere in the background was something called blogging where I could even involve my photographs. In the meanwhile the digital camera arrived and no-one was safe from my lens. I have now progressed to digital DSLR and go on wheelies with my chair accompanied by a bag big enough to hold two lens.

And then it was Kindle time. My 6 bookshelves were brimming over with books, but now I could read without having to find room for the books. I no longer had to hold heavy books in my hand which were infected with a sort of book smell (I can hear you people that refuse the Kindle because these weight and smell is missing and the page turning pleasures). I could just flip the pages with a finger tip and the Kindle fitted into my handbag. I could upload new books in English or German and within a few seconds they were ready to read. No more ordering and waiting for them to arrive. Kindle books were also cheaper.

I have come a long way since my knitting days. Somewhere in a dark corner of the hobby room in the cellar there is a cupboard with knitting patterns, wool remainders and every size knitting needle you could wish for, as well as the crocheting hooks for making bed covers with the wool remainders.

There are some infections where no cure has yet been discovered: just a complement to the days of a golden oldie life

Daily Prompt: Infect

12 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Infect

  1. I still love knitting and have two projects on the go and my daughter can knit, crochet and sew. We have bookshelves overflowing with books, some inherited from my grandmother – there are some old, broken books to be disposed of but we’re keeping most of them. I am a lot more computer literate than I used to be but mastery of smart phones is beyond me but I would like to master digital cameras more proficiently and acquire one.

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    • Since the computer says arrived, I no longer knit and my hands would probably have problems. We have many old books both on the Swiss and english side of the family and we never throw books away. My smartphone is my my memory, I would be lost without it.


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