Daily Prompt: Good Morning

Misty Morning

After the rainy days (and they are still hanging around) the mist arrives. A nice miserable morning with a scaffolding clad building in the background to complete the picture. Actually the scaffolding was abandoned last week and this week as well. Only today builders again appeared and are doing things, although I do not know what they are doing. As long as it is not my building I suppose I should be happy. The scaffolding was consructed in a couple of days, but the next troop decided to think about it before they continued with the work.

Our lilac tree is still here, but the blooms are no longer so fresh. On the left you can see my European or Eurasien Smoke tree, the cotinus coggyria as it is known in latin. We call it a “Perückenstrauch” which translated would be a wig bush, due to the fluffy appearance it has after the berries open. I planted it about 14 years ago.

European Smoketree 16.05 (2)

I had a closer look yesterday in the rain, and noticed it was now full of its tiny flowers. Everything has been in the rain this week. I almost feel I am back in London again. I suppose we should be glad for some moisture in the garden.

Sabe and Chives

At least I at last managed to plant my sage on the left and chives on the right. My original sage, which I had for at least three years, gave up some time in Winter, and chives always need renewing as they do not stay so long in my garden, two years is the limit. Since my broken leg and MS symptoms, I have had to restrict my garden work, but with the help of a chair to sit on I manage to plant myself, as long as the earth is soft enough. I still have a lot of weeding work to do, but will have a word with the gardener when he arrives to cut the hedge, some time in June.

It will be another one of those stress week-end shopping days tomorrow. Mr. Swiss has a hospital appointment half way through the morning and on Monday the shops are all closed for Whitsun. This means that I will have to do the shopping alone tomorrow. Mr Swiss will drop me off at the supermarket and pick me up when he is finished at the hospital. I will have to do the shopping on my own which is no big problem. I will have to use the trolley to support myself instead of the walker. There will be a bit more to buy as I also have to get in supplies for Monday and Tuesday morning, as I have to be at home on Tuesday for the cleaning lady. I see one big stress situation until Tuesday afternoon, but this too will pass. I am hoping that the weather might possibly improve to squeeze in an hour for a wheelie with my camera in my chair.

Rain 16.05 (1)

It was a morning of shopping in the rain yesterday and so I had a new experience of taking photos from a wet car window. Today it will be a day at home and it does not look as if the skies will become blue for me. Anyhow, make the most of wherever you are, and I hope somewhere you find a silver lining.

5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Good Morning

  1. It’s been raining, raining, raining everywhere. I hear we may get a few cool, dry days coming up. I hope so. There’s so much work to be done and it doesn’t get done because it’s so WET. Even when it isn’t raining, the ground is sodden. We need rain, but we also need an occasional blue sky. It gets rather dreary otherwise.

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    • I have had to specialize in rain photos from the car. I am gradually getting cabin fever being cooped up indoors. Rain is ok for the garden, but soon we will have the slug invasion, they thrive on rain


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