Good Morning

Clouds 15.05 (1)

Yesterday I saw a cloud in the sky. I know it is not a lot of cloud, but it showed good intentions. Otherwise our icy saints days have really lived up to their names, but the last one left yesterday, and it is still cold and unfriendly. I miss my wheelies with my chair out in the nature, but in the rain they are not fun. Yesterday was cleaning day, although I did not do very much. Our cleaning lady did it all for me. We were so lucky to find her, she does a good job, gets on with it and when she leaves I have a new bathroom and shower. In the afternoon she returned for the kitchen, but we agreed that only needs a clean every two weeks as it is more or less kept in order daily.

I never had a cleaning lady in my life, but with age, and various health and movement problems, Mr. Swiss said it was time. I did not grow up in a family with cleaning helps, we did it all our-self, although mum was not the ideal housewife. Her big cleaning session was Easter on Good Friday, when she actually washed the kitchen floor. Dad and I would disappear up to London to see the sights, although everything was closed for a public holiday, but it was still more fun than listening to mum complaining at home. Our furniture and fittings were in any case all cheap buys, so there was not very much to care for.

River Aare 12.05 (20)

And now I live in the country, where the London dirt is non existent. The main dirt comes from the pollen at Spring, but that is only for a few weeks. Yesterday we had hailstorms and all the trimmings, but even that passed. I cleaned a window, but only one. Since my accident I do things one at a time and this window was sheltered from the elements by the overhanging balcony upstairs. I will gradually do the other three until the end of the week – no stress.

River Aare 12.05 (6)

Even the cows are laying low at the moment.

Today we will venture out into our shopping paradise for food, although I have no idea what. I should also go into town today to have a few portrait photos take of myself. I had all the forms to fill out for getting a special parking space for handicapped, but it needs a photo. Afterwards I will call in at my neurologist as he also has to fill out a form to certify my condition. I really do not know if I will do it today, there is no rush. I suppose I could take a few portrait photos of myself, but it is easier to have them done. I know the photo studio and it is prompt and good quality service.

I hear the sound of the vacuum cleaner, being performed by Mr. Swiss  and so I should move on. I just hope that our weather makes a change for better today, my camera is suffering with nothing to do. I hope your weather is better, and see you around later.

River Aare 12.05 (5)

6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I don’t envy much, but I sure would like some cleaning help!

    The weather here is very weird too. So much of the country — and this is a BIG country — is rained out that any sport played outside has been canceled. That’s very rare. It doesn’t usually rain this much in May. In fact, may is usually dry and warm, but it’s not warm at all. The ground is so wet, it’s like a sponge!

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    • I am so glad of the cleaning lady and I am lucky to have found her.

      We too have been having wet weather and colder since a week. I must admit the garden needed a good dose of water, but after the warm weather we are now getting something like a rain forest


  2. London was dirtier than being outside of town? When I was in high school, I was typically dirty fro working in the gardens around the neighborhood, but thought that being in town was so clean because one could go anywhere without ever leaving the pavement.

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    • The London I grew up in was a London where coal was burnt and factory chimneys were every where. Einen the river Thameshad lost its fish population. Now a lot has been done to clean it up.

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