Daily Prompt: Thin


The clouds are getting thinner, although there is a good chance of them getting thicker again. The rain falls in thin lines most of the day, which means that I will again be staying at home. It is also very cold.

To get an idea for the daily prompt I often enter the key word into my online photo programme to see if I have material. I had nothing under the name of “thin”, but I also get photos from the other millions of people the have used the word “thin”. I was quite surprised when I saw the results. The first photo was something that only men have pictured next to a measuring instrument. The things you find in Internet!!



However I got inspiration from my pot of chives that I bought today at the supermarket. . This is one of my main ingredients in a salad sauce. the thin stalks grow from tiny bulbs and have a distinct oniony taste. I cut them in small pieces with scissors and add them to the sauce, the so-called chopped chives.  I had a box with these last year, but the workmen arrived and somehow my chive plantation disappeared, they killed it. Mr.Swiss buys it ready cut in plastic packets, which is not my idea of a culinary masterpiece. This morning I bought a pot. I prefer it growing fresh in the garden where it will eventually be planted.

The stalks are  quite thin (see I used the word) but very tasty. Yesterday I planted a pot of sage in the garden, another herb that was missing from my kitchen products.  That is an advantage of the rain, it softens the earth and I can dig easier and deeper to plant it.

Cream Doughnut

And I am not going to inform how much weight I have lost. I still have my curves and my clothes still fit, although there are certain trousers which are not longer as snug as they were, but who cares. Today I treated myself to a cream filled doughnut to compensate. My writing ideas are now thinning out. In the meanwhile the blue patch in the sky has increased in size.

Daily Prompt: Thin

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Thin

    • If the dress or trousers fit, why worry. It is when you have nothing to wear that the problems begin. Mr. Swiss always asks how heavy I am, but I never know.


    • The chives have beautiful flowers, but I have to remove them when they apppear as the plant would stop growing it’s flavoured stalks. To keep away the vampires I always hang a genuine garlic wreath above the bed 🙂

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