Good Morning

Wild Flower Meadow

It’s rainy and grey today, so at least our wild flower meadow brightens up the day a little. It is just outside our garden and makes a border between us and the neighbour during the Spring and Summer months. When they finished our estate, the decided to sow wild flower seeds in between. This was a good idea. They attract the insects, many butterflies and bees, and make a wonderful view from our apartment. There is also an advantage that when the meadow is established, it grows itself annually. It is not allowed to be mowed down until June to ensure that the plants have seeded. Next year the meadow grows again from the seeds, ideal recycling by mother nature.

When the plants are finished the farmer gets the remains to dry as hay for the animals next winter. I remember a neighbour we once had that found it would be his duty to mow away the “weeds” growing at the edge of his garden. I managed to intervene before he had cleared the complete meadow. He though he was doing something good. Afterwards all our gardens were bordered by this wonderful meadow, except for his. He just had some remains looking like a miniature Savanna grassland.

Clouds 14.05 (2)

Yesterday we went for our usual shopping trip to the local supermarket, but the weather did not look so good. It was unfriendly, and somewhat cold, but we had clouds. This is the view from the parking at the supermarket. Today there are no clouds, just a heavy grey lid over everything. My cleaning lady has just arrived so I can lead a life of leisure today and let her get on with it.

Yesterday they had a sort of Stephen Hawkins evening on the TV with a film and some documentaries.  I even interrupted my reading to watch. I really think I should read one of his books. I always admired the man. Suffering from an incurable illness myself, it gives you hope that all is not lost. Of course, my MS is not to be compared with Stephen Hawkins ALS, but when you realise that although he could no longer speak, his brain was still operating for many years, after he was only given 2 years to survive.

Hosta 13.05 (1)

It does not look like I will be going places and seeing things today in this miserable weather. Even my cat has made herself scarce, and spends most of the day sleeping.

It is now pouring with rain and I will now move on, hoping that something exciting might happen today like the sun making an appearance. Make the most of your day, it can only get better.

River Aare 12.05 (9)

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Our weather is lovely, but there’s an alert for asthmatics to NOT go out at all this weekend. The issue is oak pollen and since we LIVE in an oak woods, that means me. I don’t even have a proper inhaler, so it’s going to be a bit tedious. I can tell how bad the pollen is — the air looks like green snow and EVERYTHING is covered in green dust. Swell.

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    • I had green windows a couple of weeks ago, but not from Oaks: from about 5 other sorts of trees. This afternoon we had a hailstorm, thunder and lightening, the Big Bang show. Now it is quiet outside, ready for the next storm tomorrow. Luckily I don’t have hay fever, just window cleaning fever


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