11 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 15.05.2018 Roses

  1. Roses have always been my favourite flower and today I have my first showing in my garden of 3 of mine. One, the lovely orangey whiskey mac, another the delicate English Gardener which has a heavenly scent and another one I’ve had for ages, no name but again, a perfumed Old English rose, deep red and velvety. By evening the blooms should be open to perfection and if we get no more rain for a while, the garden should start to look good.

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  2. Hey! I just got pictures of some of the roses at work for ‘Six on Saturday’, but will not be posting them for a few weeks. I have a backlog of pictures, and thought I might delay the roses until later in the season when more of us are getting bloom.

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      • My roses already need to bee deadheaded from their first bloom phase. The second phase is coming on quickly. Watsonville (just a short distance from here) used to be famous for its cut roses, but most come from South American now. The quality is not the same.

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