Good Morning

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Back to grey skies in the morning and cold. We are now in the middle of the frozen saints days, and this year they are living up to their reputation. Tomorrow is the last with the “cold Sophie”. My garden is ignoring them and the peonies are in full bloom as well as the neighbouring lilac tree which is surrounded by our natural meadow. This meadow is full of wild flowers and we are not allowed to mow them down. They must stay until the beginning of June to spread their seeds for the next year. Unfortunately they tend to spread their seeds into our garden as well, but nature knows no rules and regulations and just follows it instinct.


Talking of nature doing her own thing, the leaves on my mysterious plant are still growing and expanding. The stalks are getting thicker, is it perhaps a rhubarb after all? I have had many suggestions, amongst which that it could be a very poisonous like-to-be rhubarb. It has not yet pulled up its roots and taken a walk, but just sits there waiting and watching. I am also watching to see what happens. We do not even like rhubarb, so I will just leave it for the meantime.

Hosta 13.05 (2)

I did not go anywhere yesterday, but stayed at home. My hostas have now returned. Last year the gardener past a remark that he had never seen a hosta with such big leaves, and this year they seem to be living up to their reputation. They began as a few shoots and now are developing into their usual giant selves.

Today they let me out to go shopping. I suppose I should again take the steering wheel of the car. My last exploit on the road was a week ago. I do not even enjoy driving. I am now walking well, almost. It is to the extent that when I should take my stick I forget which is not so good, especially when you are in the middle of a room with nothing to hold onto. Housework is almost back to normal, meaning that for some strange reason I like to do it. This is something new, but probably because I can now do it after thinking about how to do it during the last four months.

On my new mobile telephone X the lamp is now on the front screen at the bottom. I never really used it but more my iPad in the night when wandering around to a certain place. This is much better of course. Now I notice that both myself and Mr. Swiss walk around with our iPads and phones when it is dark. We no longer need a bedside lamp for light and I have also noticed that my watch has also become redundant due to digital objects. I wonder if our children will grow up learning how to tell the time on a clock. I remember in my school days we had to make our own clock out of cardboard and hands that you fitted with a screw so that they could be moved. This probably now belongs in a museum.

And now I must move onto further fields and do my duty as a programmed housewife with vacuum cleaner and mop etc. See you around and keep safe.

River Aare 12.05 (29)

13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. It has been gray and rainy all weekend. Still raining today which I suppose is great for the flowers and Trees.
    In my museum workplace there is a small bank of public phone booths which the visitors marvel, take photos and laugh.
    The museum was built in 1966.
    In this cell phone age phone booths are an anachronism.
    I’ve never seen the phones in use so I guess they no longer work and are just there for decoration and the public to deposit trash.

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  2. Contrary to others, I do think it IS a rhubarb. The stalks are naturally green (but can be pinkish too) and they will grow in width and length. But one cannot be sure. Ask somebody who KNOWS for sure. It’s difficult to judge from a photo. IF they are rhubarb indeed, and you don’t like them (OK I know that by now), PLS give them to ppl who love them as much as I do. I would come and pick them up at your garden, peel them, cut them in small ‘cubes’ and freeze them for many a ‘gâteau’ or also cook gently with a batch of strawberries (with Stevia powder instead of sugar and much cinnamon). Soooo lovely, healthy, brilliant!
    Everywhere I go when in Switzerland, everybody now ‘conserves’ the natural look of meadows, rightly so. For hay fever sufferers like myself it’s a problem but one we gladly live with as it’s so beautiful and important.
    Have a good day. It’s truly the Ice Saints here too, the first time in the 10+yrs we live here…. Miserable, very cold, rainy & misty.

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    • It might be a real rhubarb, but I am still not so sure. I saw some real rhubarb in the store today, and the stems are bigger and more red. I like the idea of the natural meadows, we can have the “fettwiese” an the “magerwiese” and ours is a “magerwiese” apparently. I don’t have problems with hay fever, although my cat tends to sneeze around in summer. I was thinking about going out somewhere for a wheelie, but it is just too cold.

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  3. You know rhubarb also comes in different variations…. some have reddish stems indeed, others are a light green. Magerwiese was the word I was looking for 🙂
    A cat with hay fever???? Never heard of but Who Knows? 😉
    Honest to God, we were effectively pondering this morning to maybe put the heating on once more – and then decided that NO WAY would we be such weaklings….!

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    • If I had blue stalks on my rhubarb I would not eat it. I just don’t like it. Tabby is always having a sneeze, since she was a kitten and now she is 16 years old. Perhaps she just likes to clear her sinuses now and again. We have floor heating and it is steered from the cellar for everyone. If the temperature drops below a certain level, it switches on automatically – it is gas heating.

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