Daily Prompt: Slight


I was slightly bored in the store this morning. We had dealt with the shopping, me hobbling around with my walker combined with walking stick holder, and Mr. Swiss having problems with standing because of his back. He had ordered new ink for our printer and whilst he was picking it up I had to wait for him.

Then I saw it, my chance to be on TV. Somewhere there was a hidden camera built into the TV and I saw me. I took a photo with my mobile phone, this time making sure that I held it to enable to see my face on the result.

After completing the shopping I stopped at the flower department on the way out and discovered something slightly different. Petunias arrive in all colours, and today I saw my first black petunias: slightly strange.


And that’s that, it is a slightly shorter prompt from me today, but that is the subject matter, it has to be slight.

Daily Prompt: Slight

18 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Slight

    • And they were really black, not even anything in that direction. I will keep an eye on these, and might buy a couple myself. They were outside at the store with the other petunias.

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        • I fully understand that one. My theory lady gave me a tip. I had a few daffodils I wanted to plant after they were finished flowering. She fetched a chair and said to sit on it and then I just had to lean forward and plant them. It was a little tiring, but I did it all at once. Just one now and again would have been better probably.

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  1. Busy morning here, too. I already heard from the insurance company and I’m pretty sure — without so much as actually LOOKING at the damage — that they aren’t going to pay for it. Now, I have to figure it out. And Garry is feeling a lot better, finding a better hospital for his ear surgery. And IT ISN’T RAINING. That’s a win ALL the way around.

    Black petunias for mourning wreathes?

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