Daily Prompt: Core

3 cool slugs

“Wait for me.”

“No time for waiting. We have a target to achieve.”

“I know, but I thought it would be nice if we all arrived together.”

“I am on my way and can see it already.”

“What does it look like.”

“Is this your first time?”

“Yes, I only crawled out of the earth yesterday. Is it really as good as they say, and how do I know when I am there.”

“No problem, just follow your feelers and go down. Absorb and crawl. No, not on the surface but below.”

“What happens when I arrive?”

“It is a feeling you get in your slime. The ultimate answer to all our questions.”

“I don’t have any questions, just hunger.”

“Of course, that is why we do it.”

“But is it different?”

“Don’t ask, just keep going.”

“I can feel it, the flavours are changing, it is intensifying. Cough, cough, cough, splutter, splutter.”

“What is the matter?”

“I found something hard, it will not absorb.”

“That is the solution, you are there, the journey is completed.”

“Oh, is that the answer to my dreams?”

“Of course, now you know why we prefer to stay on the surface.”

“Then why did I have to dig?”

“We all have to make our experiences in life. You have now found the core of the apple.”

Daily Prompt: Core

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