7 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 12.05.2018 Roses

  1. These are really Lovely. My Mom’s favorite flowers. She had a Green Thumb. Mommy is probably in charge of Gardens in Heaven.
    However I didn’t inherit Mom’s gardening skills so I stick to taking photos of Gardens, Flowers and Trees.
    I was able to capture more pictures of Cherry Blossom trees as well as other flowers in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. Just now uploaded them.
    Your flowers are always beautiful!

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    • I go shopping in the supermarket during the week and they have a winderful flower department at the entrance, ad well as flowers and plants outside during the summer, so it is a great opportunity for some photos. Also I take many photos of various flowering shrubs around the area where I live.


      • Yes finding flowers wherever we go. I do my best to locate flowers, plants or trees during the warm sunny weather. Enjoying the beauty of nature.

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  2. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone !!! Tomorrow is Mothers Day here in the USA. I have been educated that it is on different days in different countries, but I hope it is Mother’s Day somewhere close to where you all live. !!!

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