Good Morning

Garden Spider

I stop hugging the bed, pull up the blinds and hobble to the kitchen for my first chore of the day, which means water in a glass for my morning diabetes tablet and suddenly I see something moving in the sink at the bottom. Some would scream, some would run. I cannot run with a stick and no-one would hear me if I screamed or probably think I was having one of those female hysterical moments, so I did the best thing possible. I grabbed my telephone camera and took a photo. I had to put the light on, that is why everything has a golden glaze, otherwise it is more metal coloured.

And there was Fred, walking around in the sink searching for a way out. They are all called Fred as the Latin names can get complicated. This was a common garden spider. Not only are the spring flowers arriving, but also the insects. I saw my first snail, complete with shell in the garden yesterday. It had been raining, and a rain worm was burying itself in earth after I uncovered it: nature is awakening. What to do with Fred? I took my courage in my hands, and armed with a paper tissue gently picked up Fred and put him outside. He seemed a little bewildered, but I am sure he was a happy spider. I was proud that I had done my first good deed of the day and saved a life. Fred paused and discovered a gap in the paving stones on the porch and that was the last I saw of him. I am sure he will have a happy summer, spinning a net, making food packages of dead flies, and eventually caring for his egg ball containing many hundreds of Freds, although Fred is probably a Frederica.


I decided to treat myself to a new plant for the kitchen table yesterday. Kalanchoe are the best. They are reasonable in price and just keep growing and flowering. The last I bought is now four months old, a white one and is still producing a flower now and again. The stalks have grown longer. I once made a mistake and repotted one and it promptly gave up. Just once a week, or even longer, bathe the pot in water and give a little fertiliser and it is happy.

Planting Daffodils

Otherwise I was busy planting my dead daffodils in the flower bed yesterday, in the rain, The advantage was that the ground was softer and I could dig them in. Someone took a few photos, but I did write about this yesteday. It was such a triumph I decided to bring it again. It was a small step for the daffodils but a big one for me, as I was thinking about this action for some time, trying to work out how to do it. Standing did not come into the question and nor bending, but a chair did the trick, although I must admit I was glad when the job was done, especially as the photographer was making me nervous.

And today we again have Friday, reserved for the week-end shopping. My plan is made and now we have to venture into the supermarket to buy it all. After a quick tour in the apartment with the vacuum cleaner and mop I will be ready to brave the day. Mr. Swiss is also making logistical plans. After my successful planting experience yesterday, I have decided to buy a sage plant today for the garden. I now know no borders to my abilities.

I will leave you with a peony from my garden and remember, you can do it, whatever it is, Enjoy the day.

Peony A 09.05 (3)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I too have given up screaming. Truly, I can scream, but no one will hear me. We live too far away for the neighbors to hear and Garry is deaf as a post.

    I would probably NOT have taken that picture. I think I would have gone for the water sprayer and sent him down the drain to where the other spiders live.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Even being in a different room is too far away to be taken seriously. Could it be a problem of not listening when I say something
      Funny I thought that might be your reaction to my brave deed in saving a spiders life.


  2. BRAVO-good woman, I’m so proud of you.
    Thanks for not killing Fred(erica)….. they do no harm but many ppl are frightened.
    We only had a short rain storm today, but not a drop of water for well over 10 days before. I’m so glad for the nature.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I rarely kill a spider or any insects, except for flies and their babies and centipedes. It is supposed to rain tomorrow and a cold spell, but apparently it is the Eisheiligen or whatever


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