One Word Photo Challenge: Pelican

Pelican fish

A real pelican, that bird that has his own food supply hanging from his beak? No, not in SwitzIerland, unless I happen to visit the zoo. Undaunted I continued on my search for a Pelican and what did I find. Our local supermarket stocks a fish range, under the name of Pelican. I decided on a photo of their frozen snails. I do not mind eating snails, they can be tasty, but more herb butter that snail. The snails schrink in their shell when being cooked.

One Word Photo Challenge: Pelican

4 thoughts on “One Word Photo Challenge: Pelican

    • I don’t go out of my way for snails, they never really impressed me. In London where I greu up there were always stalls on Saturday evening along the road and on Sunday morning selling shellfish and jellied eels, an English speciality which was now and again bought for a late night supper


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