Good Morning

Clouds 08.05 (2)

Not the morning sky, but yesterday early evening. This morning it is just blue with a big sun somewhere and although blue skies are good, a little monotonous for the camera. I was on my way yesterday evening after tea. Mr. Swiss had to go to the doc yesterday afternoon and it gets a bit complicated when he is not at home  if I go for a trip in my wheelchair. He opens the main door for me and when I return. I can do it myself, but a little complicated by fixing the door to stay open. I had a comfortable afternoon outside with my computer and decided to go in the evening somewhere.

Cows 08.05 (2)

There were still some cows out on the pastures, but it seemed to me they were biding their time until the farmer decided to put them to bed in their various barns. They love having their photos taken.

Although it was evening it was still warm enough to wear a t-shirt. There was a light breeze but no sign of rain. I have a plan when I want to get into the fresh air. I noticed I really need to get out and my wheelchair is the perfect solution. I am so glad for my wheelchair. I can no longer walk to places without support and a walker is not ideal for tramping paths and taking photos. I allowed myself the luxury of my own electric transport system and it is ideal. I told the doc yesterday it was really perfect for me living where I am to get out, even along the river bank. He asked if it was not a little difficult on the path, but I told him a little bumpy sometimes, but no big problem.

Chickens 08.05 (1)

On my way I noticed that the chickens were gathered outside one of their houses, probably preparing for the night inside. There are foxes around at night and it would not be safe for a chicken outside, although they also attempt to get into the houses.I noticed there was one chicken outside the wire fence. They sometimes squeeze through, but she had lost the way and was walking up and down trying to find a gap back to home. I would have helped her, but am not sure if lifting chickens over wire fences is a good idea. I am not sure if they are sociable creatures.

Ducks 08.05 (3)

The ducks are content to stay where they are. They live in luxury with their own nests and even swimming pool.

And I heard the church clock, actually many church clocks, chiming 8.00 in the evening so decided it was time to return home. There was a stronger wind blowing  up, more than a breeze and so I put my chair into second gear and speeded on my way home. When I arrived my No. 2 son had arrived and was paying a visit. It seems my grandson is now making progress with creeping along the ground and this week was discovered standing in his bed, having hoisted himself up. He is now 8 months old and if this continues will probably soon be finding his feet to walk. I know it sounds a bit early, but No. 2 son was also walking at the age of 10 months.

And now to move on. There is a shopping excursion planned for this morning and I spent too much time hugging the bed. Afterwards I had to wait for a windows update to configure on my computer, before I could begin to write my daily contribution and now I have things to do. Enjoy the day. I will leave you with some pansies I met on my way home yesterday evening through the graveyard. I though there would be more action in between the gravestones in the evening, but I seemed to be the only living thing in the cemetery.

Pansy 08.05.2018

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • I would love to have one. Our hens on the farm are never really cooped up. They have a free wide range and share it with six geese, various ducks, a pair of black swans and their cygnets and sometimes they wander into the stables where the horses are.


  1. I am trying to work on the composition of my photos, Pat, and I think that yours today are especially pleasing to the eye. I think that your wheelie really allows you to plan and execute your shots with lovely results.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the thumbs up on my photos. Although it would be ideal to be able to stand when taking photos, I have made the most of my problem. The wheelchair enables me to take my camera and also alternative lens for photos. What I cannot do is take a photo over fences because I am sitting. I take photos of anything. Sometimes I land a hit and sometimes not. What annoys me are the fences everywhere. With the zoom lens I can avoid them.


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