15 thoughts on “Flower of the Day: 09.05.2018 Roses

  1. I just got pictures of roses a few days ago. I will post them within a few weeks. We have double graft standards (rose ‘trees’ with two different colors on them). They look ridiculous, but someone before my time thought they were cool.

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    • I like plants out of the ordinary. I had a grafted hibiscus, at least I think I was. I bought it as a blue one, and then it started to produce pink flowers and now it’s seedlings are all pink

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      • Was that a hydrangea? The color of their blooms is determined by the pH of their media (potting soil) in conjunction with the water. They are often grown to be blue, but then revert to pink if watered with alkaline water, or merely deprived of the acidifying fertilizer that made them blue. Neither hydrangeas nor hibiscus are grafted.

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