Good Morning

Clouds 07.05 (1)

Yesterday evening things got a little rough. I had time and decided to clean a few windows which were looking a bit misty when the sun shone on them. I was actually going to go for a wheelie in my chair, but changed my mind.  I was just completing the window cleaning session when it looked like rain was coming, which is not ideal when you have clean windows. I finished and closed the blinds. It rained only a few drops. I afterwards saw in the news that in some parts of Switzerland they had severe hailstorms with minor flooding. It looks like we were lucky in our area.

Road to Solothurn 08.05 (2)

This morning I was off to see my neurologist. I had a few questions that I wanted to clarify. As the appointment was for 8.30 I had to stop hugging the bed earlier and had no time to wish everyone a good morning, although many are just saying good night. The old part of our town is cobblestoned with very narrow streets and basically traffic is not allowed, except for visits to various buildings and only until 11.30 in the morning. As I have problems walking Mr. Swiss brought me to the doc. Afterwards he had to return home as the cleaning lady would be coming. I had the opportunity to take a photo of our Basel Gate as we approached it by car.

Road to Solothurn 08.05 (8)

I was an hour with the doc and afterwards called Mr. Swiss to pick me up again. This guy on the pedestal belongs to one of our many fountains in Solothurn, of which there are 11. It is the St. George fountain, with the dragon sitting at his feet. It seems I can now apply for parking permission in various places only allowed for handicapped in our town. I have to make an application at the police and my doctor would back me up if necessary.

Road to Solothurn 08.05 (1)

As we left the town I took a photo of the reform church. It looks like it will be a sunny warm day today so I will be on my way again this afternoon, I was glad to arrive back home with the morning stress dealt with.

And now to deal with the normal daily tasks. See you around. I will leave you with my peonies in my garden. We call them Whit roses is German translated and the idea is that they will be flowering for whitsun, which is the case this year.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I love peonies. We had some in the garden, moved several times which I learn they really don’t like, but last year I couldn’t find them so perhaps they have decided they had had enough.
    I haven’t been online for a bit as our modem crashed and we had to wait for a new one, and then spend several hours being talked through the process of setting it up. Finally discovered I had been typing in the wrong number password. Today I successfully added my PA’s laptop to the network, so we’re in business again. I think he probably has over 100 e-mails to deal with when he returns from his walk. Most of which he will just delete, of course.
    Blue Skies!

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    • At home i am doing ok. I can use my stick or even manage without but when shopping I still feel,insecure and use the walker. We usually manage to find a good parking space, but it will be better with the handicapped pass.


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