Good Morning

River Aare 06.05 (11)

Yesterday I crossed the river (in wheelchair) to get to the other side, and for no other reason, although I was thinking of new material for the camera. It was another warm day and I noticed that even in a wheelchair you can pick up a summer tan on the arms. I wheeled along the river bank and reached our first bridge towards the town. I remember the bridge being  built and it connects the high schools to the various villages on the other side of the river, mainly for the students. If you look at the photo, you see the white buildings straight ahead which is where I live in the village of Feldbrunnen. The mountains are the Jura which stretch from East Switzerland down to Geneva in the West. We are somewhere in the middle towards North.

River Aare 06.05 (10)

This week-end were bike days in Solothurn. It happens once a year and someone had the great idea a few years ago. Mr. Swiss was slightly annoyed when he returned from the Saturday shopping expedition, as there were bikers everywhere occupying too much space. If you can ride a bike I am sure it must be fun, but I cannot, have never been able to, and Mrs. Swiss finds biking on the roads has become dangerous for golden oldies.

When I took my wheelie yesterday, there were still remains of bikers pedalling their way along the river, through the woods and generally causing obstructions. Some even had bikes which resembled a mini car, with metal covers. The ones where you almost lay parallel to the road. The groups were the worst. They always had a boss that organised everyone, but to their own ideas. Normal pedestrians were in the way.

Ducks 06.05 (5)

I decided to pay more attention to duck life on the river, although even these had become scarce – too many bikes probably.

I decided to return home, but did enjoy getting into the fresh air again with the wind in my hair (on the bridge) and the sun, I spent the next hour uploading photos and blogging around. I made myself a sandwich which I ate on the porch and realised life has its good side. Now is the time for the pleasant evenings when you have nothing more to do and can sit outside as long as there is enough light and read a book on the porch. At the moment 9.00 in the evening is the time where it gets to dark, but as the summer progresses daylight will last until 9.45 pm.

Today is again a working day, at least for those that work. Of course I work, but housework was never really judged as an occupation: just a pasttime for a purpose in the life of a housewife.  My housework is now therapy, as I can do it again. This morning I will again be on my travels, but in the supermarket. This afternoon is again physio therapy at home for half an hour, although it seems that everyone is happy with my progress and running out of experimental ideas of what to do with my body action.

Make the most of the beginning of the week, see you around. I will leave you with a photo of a pigeon cleaning its claws on the local bridge.

Pigeon 06.05.2018

14 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Cyclists are often very arrogant here too, especially in large groups. A few years ago, such a group had taken over our beach front main road and a Traffic Services car coming from behind put on their loud hailer to say, ‘all cyclists single file’ – needless to say, they obeyed very promptly!

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  2. Very ambitious adventure out on the street! Sunday was sunny but very cool here. The azaleas are hanging together despite there being rain both Saturday and Sunday. Today is Monday 5 am, supposed to be sunny most of the week, we will see. I have to vacuum the SUV out today, we finally got a new portable vacuum cleaner last week so lost of places we have been saving up to have cleaned. Also my wife cut my hair yesterday so the scalp is finally rejoicing in the spring breezes reaching the skin on my head.

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    • Imwheel,around in my wheelchair and it is fun. We now have nice sunny weather and quite warm. As we only have two carpets in the appartment there is not do much to Hoover. Just a quick mop over in the morning does the trick

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  3. I love that you can have sunlight until 9:45. Here in the Western Cape we think we’re lucky as in summer the light lasts till just after 8. But then in winter it only gets dark at 6.

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  4. Cyclists are the worst! The take over the downtown streets and shout “SHARE THE ROAD!” to anyone in a car, even though those in cars are courteous enough to not run down the rude cyclists. The cyclists are the only ones not sharing the roads. I would not mind them if they were not so rude, and not so downtown. There are so many scenic roadways out in suburban areas, but they insist on coming downtown to be in the way.

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  5. The busier we make our rivers, the fewer wild fowl we see. It’s quite around here, so you still see them, but if we should actually grow (hah! like that’s going to happen!) it would change. in Boston, all you see are tame ducks and tame swans. All the wild birds are gone.

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