Daily Prompt: Flaunt


And brave little Mowy is entering the docking station after flaunting his talents on our lawn. Look at the lawn. It is now a lawn with grass. Last year at this time the builders crushed the grass stalks with their heavy boots. They scattered screws and nails onto the surface and pounded iron supports onto the grass, but nature has won, with the help of Mowy of course. Mowy was released from his Winter refinements in the cellar a month ago, and after a few problems, caused by ignorant human owners with switches and computer programmes, Mowy returned to his normal daily rhythm cutting the grass for half an hour from 2.30-3.00 p.m. He had his own system of weaving his way, we must not forget he is a robot and does not heed to human rules and regulations. He mows where he wants to mow.

And the grass cuttings? No problem says Mowy, if he could talk. The shredded grass falls back onto the ground and supplies fertiliser for the lawn. Mowy does not waste time or snippings, he knows what to do.

Renovation 2

At the same time, a builder is flaunting his talents with a high pressure cleaning apparatus, spraying water on the surface of the building opposite. He is also cleaning their blinds at the same time. This building was completed 2 years after we moved in and now it is being renovated, but gently. They will not have the insulation ripped away and replaced as we suffered, but just the walls cleaned of dust and dirt. The weather is ideal for this work, warm friendly sun and a light breeze. You see the black stains on the wall to the right of the builder. An hour later, they are no longer there, washed away by a jet of water.

First of all Mowy purring his way across the lawn and the crescendo of the water pressure on the walls by a builder. Afterwards peace will reign again

Daily Prompt: Flaunt

2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Flaunt

  1. Oh the glories of the green green grass of home. We have green, though not much grass … bu the dogs are more relentless than any working crew .. but not yet any flowers. I have to go down to the garden and see if by any chance something might have grown. We live with hope! The orange vests the workmen wear are pretty easy to spot, too!

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    • At last we have green after the brown mud last year. Now we have flowers everywhere, Spring has really sprung. It doesn’t interest Tabby so much, he prefers to lax in a quiet corner, sleep and watch the world go by.


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