Good Morning

Czrtain strips

Another cooler morning with no clouds above, although it is not raining. I spent too much time hugging my bed this morning and then I got a cramp in my left leg, the one I  broke. Actually it had nothing to do with my injury, but I did a strange movment in bed. The problem is that I can no longer jump out of bed and operate pressure on the leg or a massage to stop it feeling as if it were in a vice. I was moaning with “ow” but no-one heard me – I could have collapsed or who knows. I eventually managed to stand, with support from my walker and feeling slowly returned. I decided I still had half an hour and went back to bed, so is the life of a golden oldie.

Eventually my bird song online alarm sounded and it was time to visit a certain place that we all visit first thing in the morning. It was occupied and the second place (we have two of them) is out of bounds to me, because the seat is too low and I have problems standing again afterwards. When I was in action I approached the window which was still covered with our curtain stripes. I reflected to last year when the builders had moved in. We had never bothered with curtains, but our metal blinds were being removed and so we had to organise some sort of window cover fast. We decided the strips were the best solution and I am glad we did it.

We now have new blinds, but only use them at night. Now we have these strips that we can move to hide the sun, or open for a view outside.

Scaffolding 02.05 (7)

It is now the turn of the others in the building opposite to suffer through the summer that never was, although it will not be such a long job as ours was, as they also replaced our insulation, although I still do not understand why.

Yesterday we had a little mix-up with doctor appointments. I organised a visit to my neurologist, had to call back to change the appointment for a day earlier and everything was fine. When Mr. Swiss entered it into his appointment calendar he realised that on the same day, almost the same time, he also had an appointment at his doctor. On top of this mixup the cleaning lady would also be coming. Eventually he could shift his meeting to the afternoon and my morning appointment remained. Even golden oldies have a busy life.

Feldbrunnen 02.05 (10)

Yesterday was not a day that locked me away from home so I stayed indoors and looked after my computer. There was yet another IOS update on my various iPads and telephone to cure various problems. I did not have any problems actually, but I suppose the engineers have to have a purpose in their lives.

And today is the day of week-end shopping. The plan has been made and we are almost ready to go, with just a few cleaning up operations in the apartment to be dealt with. I am sure you are all looking forward to the week-end ahead so make the most of it.

Horses 02.05 (1)

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Vertical blinds are very popular here because they are much easier to clean than the more traditional horizontal ones. We get so little sun — except in the bedroom early in the morning during the vernal and autumnal equinoxes — in the house that curtains would be complete pointless. It’s the darkest house I’ve ever lived in.

    I bet those fresh dandelions taste great to that pretty horse 🙂

    Garry and I are having a month like that. Today and yesterday were ridiculous and I’m exhausted and annoyed that simple tasks became so wildly complicated — all because people don’t LISTEN when you tell them stuff. But for the next month, we’ve got a lot of things to do.

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    • We had to have new blinds as when they redone the building er had thicker insulation and the others nomlonger fut. These are much better, although nowhere have the curtain stripes I
      We only close them at night. If the sun shines in Mr. Swiss might jet them down to keep the heat out, but that is a Swiss thing.
      No comment about not listening, I could write a book about it


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