Good Morning

It is really a miserable grey day today with rain, nothing worth a today photo, although I could take a photo of the workmen constructing their scaffolding on the wall opposite my window. It is far enough away not to bother me, and I have better things to do at the moment. I spent most of last year taking photos of building work on our building, 1,200 photos altogether.

Crops 02.05 (2)

Instead a photo of the birth of life, well plant life. I took a wheelie yesterday afternoon, not really intending for too many photos, but to get out in the fresh air, and it was fresh. I wish I had put my gloves on. I passed this ploughed field as I left my home. The seeds are sown and the first shoots are showing. I wonder how the field will look in a month.

I wheeled on and on, just the normal duck and chicken visits and the burial ground.

Swans 02.05 (7)

The black swan chicks are growing fast and this time they were nicely perched in front of the fence with mum and dad. I thought a good opportunity for a photo, but with the zoom lens I was too far away for mum and dad and only got their neck and head, and with the 200 lens I captured more fence as ducks. When I eventually arrived home I discovered 100 photos on the camera, but after sifting through them I was left with just 80 photos.

Chickens 02.05 (1)

I managed to capture the rooster who had discovered a way out of the compound through the fence and was keeping a watchful eye on his 100 females who were clucking around inside. It seems that when the eggs are laid, the females are allowed to survive, but the males not and only one remains. Too many roosters are not so good, what a life for the men in the chicken world.

Tractor 02.05 (2)

The farmer was also on his way ploughing a few more fields. I met him later on a path and I think he was in a hurry to get home and I had to move my wheelchair fast to get out of his way.

Scaffolding 02.05 (9)

When I arrived home, I noticed that the builders were making progress with their scaffold construction. Our apartment block cannot be seen, but it is behind the construction, similar to those on the right side. We are on the ground floor so get all the action.

This morning Facebook congratulated me to 10 years membership. I was surprised. It seems that I have been there my whole lifetime. I think they had to scrape around a bit for various photos and remarks, as I am not really so much in the public eye. If you know where to find me, you will. Although it seems that Mr Zuckerberg has now announced (I saw it on the live video) that he will now introduce dating on Facebook. The possiblities for a golden oldie are unlimited. Now all those Ameican GI’s and army officers that want to be my friends on Facebook, can actually date me. Perhaps I should change my photo for a younger version. On the other hand I will have to keep an eye on what Mr. Swiss is posting.  Oh Mark Zuckerberg, do you realise the problems you cause.

On this thoughtful note, I will leave you and wish you all a good day. Check your Facebook notifications, you never know.

Feldbrunnen 02.05 (22)

12 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Yes a rooster’s life is not always a happy one. For some time there was a small colony of abandoned roosters on an empty piece of land near the local football club. At times their numbers swelled to 11 although I think there are fewer now. They have been dumped because of their gender, but seem happy enough living feral. One or two locals sometimes stop by with filled water bowls and a few scraps. It reminds me a little of the film Chicken Run, minus the hens of course.

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  2. You are one year ahead of me on everything. Blogging, Facebook, everything.

    the weather was glorious today and should be tomorrow too, but storms are on the way for the weekend. Getting my Macbook Air working was hilarious and involved a 3 hour replacement of the operating system which, as it turned out, was entirely unnecessary and the REAL fix took about 15 seconds. What we all need is not a LOT of help. We need a LITTLE help from someone who actually knows the answer to the question.

    At the end of the conversation, the only thing left to do was say “OY VAY.” He agreed.

    Oy. Vay.

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    • It was Mr. Swiss that got the first MacBook on a special offer for us both to try. I love learning new stuff and decided I wanted my own, so got the best available at the time. I am now ahead of him with my Mac ideas an he now asks me if he has a Problem
      Our weather has been cooler and at the moment the wind is rattling the blinds as I hug my bed writing on my iPad.


  3. Those lilacs are humongous!
    Are swans like geese? No one raises geese here. Even ducks are rare. Most people who roast duck also hunt them, or at least get them when the wander into the yard, so there is no need to actually raise them. The only domestic fowl are hens (and a rooster), and maybe a few Guinea fowl if insects are a problem. Our neighbor had a few peacocks to protect the hens, but the hens are all inside now.

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    • We have a river that runs through Switzerland, the Aare, and swans and ducks belong to it. We have stables in our village and they have a small pond. A couple of years ago they added a few geese, some colourful ducks and now a pair if black seans which are now breeding They also have chickens for egg production. I find it a good idea.

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