Daily Prompt: Sleeve


I have abolished long sleeves from my clothing. I was not even built to wear sleeves. There was a time when comfortable did not matter, you followed the fashion. Long sleeved pillovers or a blouse in winter and in Summer was sleeveless or short sleeves.

When you are the tallest in the class at school (3rd tallest actually) you discover that clothing shops do not make exceptions for various arm lengths and so no matter what you buy, the edges of the sleeves do not even cover your wrist. As the years went past, I discovered that thanks to modern heating methods in the home, who needs long sleeves. Even in the stores long sleeves were not necessary and you generally had a jacket on when out.

I am now happy with my dress system and there are even long sleeves, as in the photo, where it does not matter when they are too short. They have a tag to hold them in place in a shorter version.

As far as record sleeves are concerned, take a look at this one.

Please, please me Beatles

It is the original edition and I bought it in 1963 when it was released. There have been many copies made afterwards, but this has the text on the back written by Tony Barrow.

Please, please me, The Beatles

As you can see it suffered a little at the hands of my eldest son who is still a faithful Beatles fan despite his 48 years.  I believe this record, in perfect condition with the cover, would be quite a rare one today and many Beatles followers would be pleased to have one, but this is not for sale. The actual record can still be played although my son tells me it has some background noise here and there. I just had a look at the surface, and it looks good. It is one of my memories of a youth spent in swinging London with all the trimmings. Reading the text it tells of George Martin, the Beatles producer. All the songs on the record were hits in their own right and as an exception non-Beatles written music was also included.

Daily Prompt: Sleeve

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Sleeve

  1. I have the opposite problem with sleeves — long sleeves are ALWAYS too long! Yes, I could roll them up, but that’s a nuisance, doesn’t look good, and is uncomfortable. My best solution in cool weather is a 3/4 length sleeve, which is just about the right length for my arm!

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  2. Wow. The Beatles sleeve is amazing. 🙂 I ONLY wear sleeves and they’re always rolled up. 1) I don’t want the sun on my arms, 2) I have really really really really really ugly arms. I can put up with some of aging ugliness, but that’s beyond the pale. Working out doesn’t change them, just makes them stronger (and just as ugly). No. Not happening.

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  3. You tall people do not understand the problem of the short arms among you. My arms are short and I have very small hands, too — but for obscure reason, BIG feet. All the arms of everything long — like coats and sweaters — are always too long. I love those tabs, though because they solve SO many problems. You get to look sort of cool while keeping your sleeves from dragging 🙂

    I miss record sleeves. I used to love reading the cover notes. Some of the DVDs come with the writing from the original record sleeves in them … including when I’m lucky, the actual words to the songs.

    Did you know vinyl records are making a huge comeback? As are record players or, as we call them now, “turntables.”

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    • We have our problems with short trousers, short sleeves and short tops. Inalsonhad a problem with waistlines that did not follow my waist, so it was wide stuff with no belts. I am oK with short. Sleeves. We have lots of record sleeves from Mr. Swiss collection of jazz records. We no longer have any vinyl, everything is now downloaded


  4. I have the opposite problem with sleeve. I can’t wear long sleeves as they fall below my wrist unless I “pull” the sleeves up (which rarely works for me)….And then theres the problem if sleeves being too big around and getting in everything.

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