Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Outdoor ways to move up and down

Road to Langendorf 18.04 (17)

One of my daring photos. We were driving past and this gentleman was fixing the roof on the tent.

Chickens 24.03 (11)

If you are a chicken, you can always try flying

Window Cleaner

Sometimes window cleaning can be a question of how to get up there and down again

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Outdoor ways to move up and down

16 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Outdoor ways to move up and down

  1. I’m a bit afraid of heights — under some (but not all) circumstances. Not afraid of flying, but afraid of the edges of cliffs, and wobbly bridges. And ladders. I think maybe what I am is afraid of FALLING … like the window washer. THAT scares me.

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    • Same here. Planes are no problem, but standing at the edge is a funny feeling. I remember the new bridge across the River Thames in London, a narrow one for pedestrians only to Saint Paul’s cathedral, I turned back, got wobbly legs


  2. Great shot of the flying chicken. My childhood nightmare was a story my mum told us, that, when SHE was still at a young age then. One of their chickens was beheaded by their father and intended for a soup, but this hen was flying up and flew to the fence of the chicken scoop where it sat down…. truly headless! I still, up to this day, can’t remember why my mum would tell me such a gory story and I now come to think that maybe I didn’t believe that chickens could fly!

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  3. Love the window washer, I am not afraid of heights, (No, I would not go up in that window washer crane thing) I am a bit afraid of the mechanics, the man made stuff, like harnesses to hold me if I am climbing or the harness they put on me when I went up Paragliding.

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