Good Morning

Feldbrunnen 29.04 (5)

I escaped again yesterday afternoon into the surroundings and armed with my camera I made myself on the way. It was a good afternoon. and a pleasant breeze was wafting. As I manage to get out and about now and again I notice the development of nature and the meadows are growing. It is mostly dandelions, but now the buttercups are arriving making a main theme of yellow.

Cows 29.04 (6)

The cows have now made themselves at home and are enjoying the great outdoors. Even they like to relax on the green green grass of home. I was on my way in my wheelchair and it was a perfect afternoon for an excursion.

Ducks 29.04 (4)

I was surprised to see that some duck eggs had hatched in the meanwhile and the babies were all gathered next to mummy duck and with dad looking on. They were so close together that I could not count how many there were. It seems to me that the duck population at the stables is increasing rapidly and eventually there will be more ducks than chickens.

I decided to take my 200 lens with me this time as well which gives me better close up possibilities without blurring everything in the background. I discovered this was a good idea, as that lens does near and distance much better. I was now armed with three lens in my bag. I have enough room in my bag for all, but decided I might be overdoing it a little, so will leave the smallest lens at home in future as the 200 seems to cover many possibilities. Oh, the problems of a photographer.

Horses 29.04 (2)

I noticed the horses were also now in the meadows instead of being couped up in their stables. It was really a wonderful afternoon for a wheelie and there were not so many people around. I was actually thinking about going along the river path, but that is more a folk running competition where I have to wheel my way around family groups with kids and prams and dogs on walks which almost outnumber the people. I wheeled part of the way along the pavement at the side of the main road and noticed how many family groups with bikes were on their way. Yes the summer is coming.

I noticed a few darker clouds gathering on the way home. I settled myself on the porch with the computer at home and could hear a few rumbles of thunder in the background and then it began to rain, but it was a short shower, not even a shower. It was the first time we had rain since the beginning of the month. During the evening the winds picked up and our cat came crashing though the cat flap in the evening as I think the wind and rain was picking up and it was not her sort of thing.

Today will be another normal day at the Swiss homestead with a shopping trip and a physio therapy half hour this afternoon, although I do my own physio therapy at home on the computer. Now you have a complete new week ahead of you, so enjoy it, and do not forget, the week-end will return again in 5 days. I will leave you with a photo of me taken by the local paparazzi, the blogger at work.


8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Well, I got Garry’s iPad and my computer today. I set up Garry’s ipad, but haven’t yet opened the box for my computer. I think I’m all computered out for the moment.

    I am sure that cows and bison can (do) breed — that’s where you get meat sometimes called “beefalo.” They are very closely related and apparently like each other’s company.

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    • The last time I got a new computer I gave it to our computer man to set it up, I couldn’t be bothered but it was my Acer. I set up my MacBook myself, which was quite easy, although I had a bit of bother with my e-mails at the beginning.

      I have never seen buffalos here, but I think they have some in Italy. Must be an interesting breed


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