Daily Prompt: Astonish

Walker 07.03 (3)

It is astonishing how many elderly people are on their way with something like this. We call them “Rollator” in German, but I believer the name is Zimmerframe or walker in English. I remember my dad had one eventually, although he fought against it until he was 95 years old and then there was no escape. He was born in 1915 and belonged to the “stick” generation.

I do not really blame him. Sticks are OK and when the day arrived that I no longer could walk unaided,  I chose a nice snazzy stick with jungle pattern. If you have to have one then make sure it makes an impact, I thought. A walker, no never. I was diagnosed with MS at the age of 69. My stick was a help for support. This year in January I broke a leg and there it was, the verdict was cast. A stick does not help with a broken leg, and so I had my walker. It was otherwise not be possible to move at all. I never wanted one, but now it was there and I was glad to have it.

I was dependent on this monstrosity for three months, but slowly I returned to the stick and now I can even do it free handed, although with care. So what is with these walkers? Suddenly I see them everywhere. Take a walk, or in my case a wheelie with my chair, and I see them coming. We live near a senior home and I am convinced that more than half the inmates have a walker. Of course, some are better than others. There are those with a seat (like mine) and also a compartment for the shopping bags (also like mine). I even have a stick holder on mine now, so I have a choice. If I no longer need the walker I can go by stick.

They do have their limits. When approaching a slope be ready to put the brakes on to slow the speed. Stairs can cause problems, going up or down. Should you take them one step at a time, or try to do it like any stair climber, one after the other? I always take a lift if available.

You go to the supermarket and there they are again: team walker. The senior citizens approach pushing the walker and it is better to clear a path. I now belong. I do not yet have the confidence to go to the store with a stick. I tried it once, but it is uncomfortable. I now drive the car again and need my stick for support when boarding and leaving the car. Mr. Swiss puts the walker in the boot. You can fold it to save space. And so when you arrive at the store you see all the ladies waiting for their men to unpack the walker at the parking spaces. Note I say ladies, because up to now I have never seen a man with a walker. Are they ashamed to be seen with one, or do they not make a man version.

I am quite fast with my walker and I leave them all behind me. It is also handy when I take a few photos in the flower department with my mobile camera. I can lean on the walker to steady myself and snap away with no problem. I have now decided to perhaps begin a photo collection of people with walkers, but it might be a cause of annoyance when noticed.

Yes I have learned a lot in my lifetime and never say no, even if it is a walker. They are the chance to be with the others and you can do it. Mine is a nice violet colour on the frame. I am looking for two metal skulls to attach to the end of the holders. Note in the photo how handy they are to transport an iPad. My Kindle is in the front. If you tilt your computer, it fits nicely in the pouch at the front.

It is really astonishing the abilities of a walker.

Daily Prompt: Astonish

6 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Astonish

    • I never wanted one. It was a stamp on my age, but now I feel differently. If it was not for the walker, I would not have got as far as I am now.It has given me confidence. I have a stick holder on it which is good as the stick goes where the walker goes and I can always change.


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