Daily Prompt: Rivulet

Solothurn cemetery 21.04 (1)

We have rivulets everywhere in our area. Switzerland has no sea, no ocean, but we have lakes and to get a lake you must have water running through it. It is quite easy really. It snows in the mountains during the winter and in Spring the ice and snow melts and so it comes trickling down into the valleys.

One of the main places where our local snow arrives it the local cemetery. We have rivulets everywhere and so we have bridges in various places to get over the rivulets. Luckily the main route to the burial grounds does not have a river running through it, as it would be difficult to get coffins where they should be.

Is this all I can write today. Telling everyone about the topography of our local cemetery. It seems so. Of course I could write a poem

Oh rivulet oh rivulet how narrow your shape must be
you are small and very wet, you were hidden, I did not see
I was walking amongst the graves and my steps were very set
And then I  put my foot in it and my shoes were very wet
If you were a river, I could sit and watch you flow
My feet would be too far away and water would not touch my toe
But you are tiny and hidden and play your devious tricks
I stumble on a stone and fall and your water gives me licks
There is a moral to this tale, avoid the little streams
And hope one day there will be no snow to feed your watery dreams
This poem is oh so romantic and relates my feelings well
Tells of soft water trickles everywhere, so rivulet go to hell ring a bell.

Stream St. Kathrinen cemetery

Daily Promot: Rivulet

Good Morning


I got an interesting sky this morning. I love the skies with lots of different clouds, the more the merrier, and if they have different colours all the better. Mr. Swiss has already sprayed our growing lawn and yes, it is recovering. We still have two flat marks from the scaffolding support last year, but even they are beginning to look greener. I was out in the garden this morning with my walker to take a photo or two and noticed that when the lawn is wet it is not a good idea to go out for a carmera tour. I now have muddy traces of wheels in my kitchen: not so bad, the kitchen will be mopped eventually.

Big leaved plant

This strange plant was the reason for my garden excursion. The first time I noticed it was last year. It was then young and had three large leaves, miniature versions of those that are now growing. I asked my gardener what it could be, but he was making guesses and I got no believable answer. I forgot the whole thing, but left it in the garden as these mysterious plants often have a 2 year rhythm with flowers. This year it is still there. More leaves have appeared and twice the size of last year. Is this a new horticultural development, do I have something that the others do not have? I am keeping an eye on it. Perhaps I should give it fertiliser. I also noticed some prickly leaves growing next to it, a species of thistle perhaps. I tried to pull it up, but the stem broke and so this will be a job for Mr. Swiss.


Talking of oversized objects, we decided on asparagus for the evening meal. It is now the season in Europe and there was a special offer in the supermarket at 20% cheaper. They were the big ones, double the size. We have both green and white asparagus, but we prefer the white ones as a meal with cold cuts, mainly ham, and served with a sauce hollandaise (which I buy as a powder because I am not spending my time nursing eggs and butter stirring it at the right temperature with some wine to stop it curdling and getting the perfect consistency). A ready made powder mixed with milk and heated does the job just as well. The asparagus grows  in covered mounds to keep then white and they are more fleshy.

Feldbrunnen village 26.04 (1)

It seems our perfect April weather means we should give more water to the plants. Even the local stables were spraying. Our Swiss meteorologists have now told us that our April was 5° warmer that it should have been. I found it a wonderful April, I have never seen such an explosion of flowers and I am sure we will have a great harvest this year if the rain and hail keep away from the flowers. This morning looks like another sunny day.

Feldbrunnen village 26.04 (19)

I am now off to do what all good housewives do and will leave you with one of the photos from a restaurant garden in our village. Look after yourselves, be kind to you computers and vacuum cleaners and do not forget the mops. They have a hard life to lead. I will be back.