Daily Prompt: Notable


This morning we went on our normal shopping safari. On the way to the supermarket we passed a freshly mowed field. It is part of the farm adjoining our local psychiatric clinic in the background.

And then I saw the crows. I am sure Alfred Hitchcock would have bee delighted. Crows seem to have an antenna. “Look boys and girls, they have prepared a table for us” and they appear from all directions. after the field is freshly mowed and the earth turned.  I assume that when the surface is removed all sorts of living objects appear, suitable for a crow meal. It seems that crows are one of the most intelligent birds and have a good memory.

We have a crow colony bordering our territory. They sit in the trees and suddenly as if the chief gave an order, they go for a collective fly past, arriving all together in another tree. There fly overs are also accompanied with caws of course. I just love those birds.

Crows 08.10 (6)

Daily Prompt: Notable

15 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Notable

    • I grew up with birds. In London we had pigeons and sparrows everywhere, and where I live now we have a chorus of birdsong all day. I remember when the film “The Birds” arrived. There were mysterious posters everywhere in London before the film got to the cinema.


    • I like my crows. In summer they have tree meetings an group flights. In Winter they arrive regularly in the morning at the same time to collect their breakfast at our place


  1. That’s so cool! Like Van Gogh’s painting, “The Gleaners.” I love these guys — they have a sense of humor and a wide range of vocal expressions. And, they can be so funny.


    • The crows stay where they are all year, at least where we live. We help them out in Winter with extra seeds, and bread. They seem to thrive and have no problems with the snow and coold weather. They gather on the meadow oppostite our garden and wait for the food we throw out for them.


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