Flower of the Day: 26.04.2018 Gerbera Spider

Gerbera spider

Most of my Flowers of the Day are taken in the local store in the gardining department. They always have such good selections. I have my camera with me, but I discovered that the new iPhone X has a very good camera. I often do not know the names of the flowers, but for what do I have an iPhone? I write them quickly in my phone on the note page. That is why I know that these are known as Spider Gerbera according to the sign in the store.

Flower of the Day: 26.06.2018 Gerbera Spider

Daily Prompt: Cur

Dog 07.01.2018

I have never had a dog of my own. Mum said no dogs, thinking of the money they would cost, so my longings for a dog were cast aside. Of course I love dogs, but I was never really at home with them as a kid, because I never had one. My aunt had a dog, but even that did not move mum to decide to get one, so I forgot dog. We had a cat, but that was because mum had some sort of panic about mice. Now and again a mouse would find its way in our house in London and so we had to have a cat. The problem was that our cat was sure that ‘”mouse” was a name for a toy and would play with them, but he was too kind hearted to kill them. At least I had a pet.

Back to dogs, I like them. I meet them on my walks. They arrive in all shapes and sizes. Today I went for a trip  and there were two people talking on the path, each with their doggy. As they were talking they had to make room for a man who was walking past, yes, with his dog because dogs seem to take up more space than humans, especially if they resemble descendants of the Hound of the Baskerville.  If you go along the river someone will be throwing a piece of wood in the river and their trusty dog will jump in, fetch the wood and show his owner what a good doggie he is. Of course he will have a shake to dry his fur. I noticed it is better to avoid dogs that come out of the river, it might be that you get an unwanted shower.

There are those that have the little dogs. They are the ones with the short legs. I feel sorry for them, they have to break the speed records to keep up with their owner. When dogs meet, it is quite a party. First of all they have a sniff at each other and sometimes things can get quite social. That is usually when the owners decide to move on as canine life can then get complicated.

Today was really dog day. I counted at least 20 dogs on their way with their owners.

Dogs 17.04 (2)

Daily Promot; Cur

Good Morning


Yesterday afternoon we got clouds, but it still did not rain. This morning it is still not raining and we would be glad for a little bit of water from above. Sometimes the garden needs a good soak. We are watering regularly, but it is not really the same.

Yesterday morning was my first time driving the car since about a year. It seems I must do it regularly, as if Mr. Swiss cannot drive, there will be a problem. He drove us to the supermarket, we did the shopping and when we arrived at the car to drive home he went to the driver’s door. I had to remind him it was my turn. He said he forgot and could drive out of the narrow parking space for me, but I told him if I drive I drive and have to overcome narrow parking spaces. It is strange when you sit behind the wheel again how memories return of how to do it. I turned the key in the ignition and nothing happened. At the third try the motor sprang on. I was not doing anything wrong, but my MS affected hands just did not have the strength to turn the key as usual. Now I know the problem, I have adjusted the key turning hand to fit. Steering is no problem and my feet did what they should. Of course you have to get used to the road traffic, but in the country where we live, we do not have a lot and I was traveling on the minor roads. We arrived home safely, I can still do it, but must now do it regularly and not just now and again.


In the late afternoon I had another duty, and visited the hairdresser. It was 5 months since my last visit, due to a broken leg, and my hair was annoying me, as I no longer knew how to arrange it on my head. I first had the problem of whether to take my walker, or the stick would be OK. Mr. Swiss phoned the saloon and it seems we could easily go through the garden entrance which would be easier than the short stretch from the car to the main entrance, which had some complicated steps, so I just used the cane. I managed OK with it at home, but being out is not so easy. I hooked into Mr. Swiss arm and we arrived safely. As you can see a lot of hair was removed and now I feel much better with a nice light head. The grey hairs have not disappeared, they are just less.

After the excitement of the day I was glad to get back home and relax. Today there is nothing planned, although I am always working something out that I could do that I have not been able to in the past months. I should really clean the doors again, a quick job, just half an hour, and to be quite honest they are OK. I just like to deal with stuff regularly to keep it OK. I think I have become a genuine Swiss housewife over the past 50 years.


And here is the finished product. I tried to take a selfie, but resembled something from the chamber of horrors, so Mr. Swiss obliged.

It is now time to go and do my housewife chores to celebrate my new life with short hair and a leg that I can now use. Look after yourselves and your computers – I will be back with more news from the wilds of Switzerland.