Daily Prompt: Elaborate

Apple Blossom 22.04 (7)

It is elaborate. Just three tiny flowers on the branch of an apple tree, ready to open and give instructions to the bees where to come for a meal of pollen. If everything goes to plan, three apples will be hanging here.

My windows will be covered with yellow dust, but one day Mr. Swiss will make one of his famous elaborate apple flans with the apples from the tree.

In the meanwhile, I must move on. I have an appointment at the hairdressers to make an elaborate haircut. And some elaborate clouds are building outside.


Daily Prompt: Elaborate

Good Morning

Morning Clouds

And it is another glorious Spring Day in my little part of Switzerland, actually all over Switzerland. There are a few fluffy cumulus clouds in the background so I decided to take a photo before they disappear for the day. Afterwards it will just be blue skies. I should really go somewhere today, not far, but enjoy the good warm weather. I will eventually get a wheelchair sun burn,

Yesterday I did it. I cleaned my three windows at the east side of the appartment. I had been thinking about it for sometime. Since my spectacular leg breaking accident end of January they have not been touched and probably due to the fact that I have a window cleaning habit, they did not look so bad. However, now the spring is here and the trees are flowering. I was sitting outside with my Macbook and suddenly noticed a layer of yellow dots on the screen. It was the same on my iPad. The trees are pollinating all over the place. Many suffer with hay fever and I do not. However, my windows and computers are beginning to sneeze and the time is ripe. Can I do it was my thought: balance on my legs free handed with the window cleaning instruments in my hands.

Apple Tree

I decided to tackle the three rooms on the east side as they are not so many windows. I prepared my instruments of cleaning and began, being careful not to alarm Mr. Swiss. He gets worried in case I might fall. I suppose he is right, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. However, he caught me in action as I was finishing the first window and found it great. I suppose there was not much else he could say. I continued undaunted and in half an hour I had finished all three windows and their frames. There is no point in having clean windows and dirty frames. I did the work after the evening meal, as he is then occupied with watching the daily news on the TV.

I now have the windows on the other side of the apartment, but will save them for next week. I now have a confirmation that life is getting back to normal. I have my morning routine again and part of the weekly routine. Mr. Swiss was always telling me, on my normal unbroken leg days, that I really do not have to clean every day as everything is clean. I just have a tick and like to do it to keep things in order. When I was a working lady I never really had the time for everything, but since being retired my half hour in the morning for clearing up is something I need. Little extra jobs I can easily fit in and I now have a cleaning lady for the big exhausting stuff like bathrooms, showers and kitchens. It is a privilege I now feel comfortable with and a proof that I am on the road to recovery.

Back Garden Morning

This morning I will go hunting at the supermarket. I noticed Mr. Swiss has already begun our joint shopping list on the iPhone cloud. This afternoon I have a visit to the hairdresser on the programme, to renew my beauty, so it looks like it will be a busy day.

Keep safe, and I will be back this afternoon.