Good Morning

Clouds 23.04.2018

Yesterday clouds from the morning. This morning there are no clouds, just a plain sky. We even got a few rain drops yesterday evening, but nothing spectacular. Temperatures have cooled down a bit, but I am still walking around sleeveless and in short trousers, although I am an exception so I am told.

And I am really now walking around free footed. I can now do my daily tasks without needing constant support and I am slowly returning to where I was before my accident. The next obstacle will be cleaning windows. Up to now they were not so bad, as I did them regularly, but now is the time of the year when the dreaded pollen  arrives from the trees. Cars are coated with it and naturally the windows also get a layer. If it rains it turns into a green slimy substance. Nature is a wonderful thing, but even nature has its down side. I will attack the windows tomorrow perhaps.

Tomorrow will also be the day of driving the car again after almost a year. I hope I can still do it.

Garage Door 23.04.2018

This will be my new exit to the world from our underground garage, but this time there will be no photos as I will be at the wheel. Do you notice how excited I am?

I have not been out and about lately, but spent the afternoon yesterday sitting outside on the porch with my computer.

Bleeding Heart

And yet another surprise in my garden. I saw this morning that my Bleeding Heart plant is flowering again. This flower appeared one day in my garden, probably from a seed from my neighbour’s garden. One day in Spring I saw the leaves appearing. I did not know what it was, but eventually the first flowers appeared. It was a tiny plant and I decided to keep it. It appears every spring, stealing its way quietly into its corner of the garden and has grown into something quite big.

Morning Cloud

And in the meanwhile the sun has arrived with a few fluffy clouds, so it looks like it might develop into one of those days where I will take a wheelie in my chair this afternoon.

And now to concentrate on preparing lunch. Otherwise I am living a life of luxury as the cleaning lady is here today and I have nothing special to do. Have fun, see you around.

Road to Langendorf 23.04 (9)

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. We had rain yesterday late afternoon and evening 🙂 In our garden we measured about 16mm and more is forecast for tomorrow afternoon and Thursday 🙂 Good luck with the driving!

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  2. I adore the Bleeding Hearts. One of my greatest ‘Aengsten’ is that I should pull out something I don’t know and then miss out on a new discovery.
    Right now I have in my totally wild garden not only trillions of dandelions, thistles, 20-25cm high margerites (daisies), and more but a ‘newbie’ which I know I should KNOW and I can’t get my head around it…. I think I might have to post a picture somewhere (but where) and ask friends if they can tell me whether that’s a goodie or a badie….
    And within ONE DAY my clematis montana which I planted at the foot of a 90% dead apricot tree (which I only keep for the sole reason that I can hang some 10 bird feeding units and bird nesting accommodations plus an insect hotel on its branches) has been growing slowly but steadily over the past years and, as I said, popped open some 300 flowers in one day. The tree is no longer a near-dead apricot tree but a NEW clematis tree with an apricot support… 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    • I have a big problem because I cannot do the work myself and have a Mr.Swiss who is not a gardener. If I tell him to remove something, he does, but only what he sees.The part laying in the earth, the roots that will grow again, he does not know exist. How can I explain that just removing the daisy does not do the job. The whole plant must be removed. Dandelions have very long roots and lots of leaves, but he is convinced when the flower is removed the plant no longer lives. Thank goodness for my gardeners, but their next visit in only in June. My son also helps, but he is also no gardener.

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      • We mostly (including myself) have husbands like yours…. 😉
        I’ve literally given up on dandies…. We NEVER get the long roots out and even if sometimes I have a lucky hand and can pull out the whole thing, I look a day later and find in the same hole another thick root of a cm or more in diameter. It’s an endless joy….. ;(

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  3. It looks so lovely. And you have real FLOWERS, too. We have shoots, but no flowers — except a few rather forlorn forsythia. But other people have flowers. It’s pretty dark around here, so everything blooms very late. We are going back to heavy rain tomorrow and for probably through the weekend, too. I hope we get some clear weather back so i can at least rake out the garden before the flowers are up. Garry has offered to help.

    Miss you. Didn’t get any of your posts until a little while ago. I went and unfollowed and refollowed you. Hopefully that will help.

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    • I would love to do some garden work, but it is all low level and I cannot bend. Mr. Swiss has the same problem, so I have to let it be until the gardener arrives again. I am still fascinated by my Apple tree. I have never seen so many blossoms


  4. Is driving that much fun? I enjoy it on a trip, but as cheap as I am, it is one of those things i would pay someone else to do (around town) if I could. I would like a nice big sedan so I could ride around like the president of Los Gatos!

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    • I drive because. I live in a small village and we don’t have much public transport, but prefer to have Mr. Swiss as a chauffeur. I always had my own car when I was working, but when Mr. Swiss retired I took over his big Volvo 960. I loved that car, for me it was like driving a Rolls after my own little Fiat.

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      • I drive because I live in a sparsely populated area where everything is far away, but when I go to town, it is a big city with really nasty traffic. It is not fun, even in a nice car.

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