Daily Prompt: Bestow

British Shop

Now and again we like to bestow ourselves with gifts. Life is not only a thing about software, hardware and computers but sometimes we like to go for a quest in Internet and discover goodies. We found The British Shop some time ago. They supply lots of british products that ex pats like myself miss now and again. Mr. Swiss also discovered the British way of life with me and when we got a new edition of the British Shop Catalogue he began to search for some additions to his Swiss Life. I joined him on his quest and eventually we had quite a respectable list of British objects that we were missing.

It was when he mentioned he was ordering the Fine Cut Oxford marmalade that I decided to add a few items to the list. I quite like mamalade, the jam made of bitter oranges or lemons, but my real love of the spreadable substances is lemon curd. The lemony, thick spread which includes egg and butter: my mouth began to water. I have made lemon curd myself in the past, but it should be eaten within a couple of weeks, as the ingredients are somewhat perishable. And so I added a jar of lemon curd to the list. Our local supermarket once stocked it, but I seeemed to be the only Swiss customer that appreciated it.

Mr. Swiss discovered the origianal english biscuits and fudge toffees and then I saw something that I fell in love with. They had a nice big bag, english patterned with flowers and large enough to accomodate my camera and zoom lens with some space left. I already have a black leather version, but this bag was really something completely different.  I fell in love with it at sight, and so the bag was included.

The parcel arrived this morning, just a few days delivery time, and we discovered they had also included a free packet of assorted chocolate eclair toffees. This was not really our taste as they tend to stick everything together in your mouth when eating. If you happen to have dentures, then it is better to burn before eating. However this did not apply to us, and we held a few minutes silence whilst chewing them.

We are now two happy bunnies, especially me as I just love my new bag. When you have been exiled in a strange land where the cows and bankers say goodnight to each other, Switzerland, you appreciate the little homely items that you have not seen for 50 years.

River Thames looking North, London

Daily Prompt: Bestow

Good Morning

Clouds 23.04.2018

Yesterday clouds from the morning. This morning there are no clouds, just a plain sky. We even got a few rain drops yesterday evening, but nothing spectacular. Temperatures have cooled down a bit, but I am still walking around sleeveless and in short trousers, although I am an exception so I am told.

And I am really now walking around free footed. I can now do my daily tasks without needing constant support and I am slowly returning to where I was before my accident. The next obstacle will be cleaning windows. Up to now they were not so bad, as I did them regularly, but now is the time of the year when the dreaded pollen  arrives from the trees. Cars are coated with it and naturally the windows also get a layer. If it rains it turns into a green slimy substance. Nature is a wonderful thing, but even nature has its down side. I will attack the windows tomorrow perhaps.

Tomorrow will also be the day of driving the car again after almost a year. I hope I can still do it.

Garage Door 23.04.2018

This will be my new exit to the world from our underground garage, but this time there will be no photos as I will be at the wheel. Do you notice how excited I am?

I have not been out and about lately, but spent the afternoon yesterday sitting outside on the porch with my computer.

Bleeding Heart

And yet another surprise in my garden. I saw this morning that my Bleeding Heart plant is flowering again. This flower appeared one day in my garden, probably from a seed from my neighbour’s garden. One day in Spring I saw the leaves appearing. I did not know what it was, but eventually the first flowers appeared. It was a tiny plant and I decided to keep it. It appears every spring, stealing its way quietly into its corner of the garden and has grown into something quite big.

Morning Cloud

And in the meanwhile the sun has arrived with a few fluffy clouds, so it looks like it might develop into one of those days where I will take a wheelie in my chair this afternoon.

And now to concentrate on preparing lunch. Otherwise I am living a life of luxury as the cleaning lady is here today and I have nothing special to do. Have fun, see you around.

Road to Langendorf 23.04 (9)