Daily Prompt: Vague

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

I should drive a car again they all tell me. Of course I should. There is only one of us in the family that drives and that is not me. Of course I know how to drive a car, I passed the test. Even my doctor tells me I can drive. I get support from them all. I forget names of people I know. It can be quite embarrassing when they say “Hello Mrs. Angloswiss” and you answer with a friendly smile “Hello *ç%…” because you cannot remember their name. So how am  I supposed to be able to drive a car. although that is something different it seems.

I broke my left leg in January, I have MS which mainly affects the left side of my body, but we have a car with automatic gears and we have right sided gear change, as it is in Switzerland. Even my doctor tells me that I do not need my left foot to drive my car and so I should drive the car again.

Today I had a visit from my physio therapist. She said she needs a new prescription for visiting me, or perhaps I could now come myself. The new prescription would be no problem, but to come myself means taking the car. I am still thinking about it, but I know I must bite into the bitter apple. Yes, I will do it, tomorrow, perhaps the day after. The next time I will drive the car all on my own. After all I do not need to know the name of the physio therapist, I just have to know how to drive the car.

Daily Prompt: Vague

10 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Vague

    • I have a new aim every week. This week it is to clean some windows. It is the pollen season and everything will soon be covered in that green powder that turns to slime if it begins to rain.

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  1. I see I’m not alone. Thank you. I have driven a car, just practicing though. I have a fear of driving that stems from being a 15 year old passenger when our car hit a little girl. Being a little girl and seeing and hearing the screaming of a man pinned under the cab of an 18 wheeler. I am forever explaining, yes I know I can drive…I just have a fear of driving.

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    • It is not so much fear with me, I just do not like driving, I do not enjoy it and prefer to take the bus or train. Living in a village we are not so well connected and we have no stores in the village, so we have no great choice but to drive the car. My husband drives very well, but he is older than I am, and what if he no longer drives the car.I have to do it again.


  2. I should drive, too. I can’t remember where I am anymore. Everything looks weird out there — but Garry doesn’t know where HE is either. But I do occasionally drive. A little bit. When I really have to. I don’t much like it, though.

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  3. Hello again Pat. Sorry it’s been so long since I’ve commented on your posts but I do have a good series of excuses. Firstly another cerebral stroke, secondly throwing every other type of writing out the window while I finish my 2 volume, cryptic autobiography – that’s one where you have to guess what is about me and what actually happened to others – and thirdly wordpress had a glitch with my account and I haven’t read any posts for a couple of months. Now to the present. The drs took my driving licence away several years ago when I blacked out behind the wheel and wrote off 5 cars. No injuries to anyone thank God, but when my insurers saw my medical records that was that! I do sympathise with you but greatly admire your refusal to give up. Do please accept my prayers and best wishes for you and M.Swiss (or is it Herr?). I could never imagine you giving up combatting your gremlins, physical or spiritual! Take care.
    God bless

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    • Lovely to hear from you Anton and sorry that your health has not been so good. I am sure your story will be an interesting read. I reduced my driving when I got the result that I had MS. I have to take a test every 2 Years now because I am now 70 + years old, but both my neurologist and GP said I should continue to drive and they would Back me up if anything might happen, so I began to drive again. I bribe my leg at the beginning of the year so driving did not come into the question, but now I can now walk again with support. Mr. Swiss is 8 years older than I am, but still drives well. However if for some reason he has to stop, we will be a bit isolated, so it would be wiser if I get back behind the wheel.
      Otherwise I am gradually getting my physical abilities again. Being woman, my scale of progress is measured by how much housework I can do, although for the first time in my life I now have a cleaning lady once a week.
      I now also have the typical weak hand symptoms of MS, but can still use the computer keyboard thank goodness.
      Wordpress does some strange things sometimes, but I have been lucky up to now. I am glad to see you again


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