Daily Prompt: Vague

Road to Langendorf 19.04.2018

I should drive a car again they all tell me. Of course I should. There is only one of us in the family that drives and that is not me. Of course I know how to drive a car, I passed the test. Even my doctor tells me I can drive. I get support from them all. I forget names of people I know. It can be quite embarrassing when they say “Hello Mrs. Angloswiss” and you answer with a friendly smile “Hello *ç%…” because you cannot remember their name. So how am  I supposed to be able to drive a car. although that is something different it seems.

I broke my left leg in January, I have MS which mainly affects the left side of my body, but we have a car with automatic gears and we have right sided gear change, as it is in Switzerland. Even my doctor tells me that I do not need my left foot to drive my car and so I should drive the car again.

Today I had a visit from my physio therapist. She said she needs a new prescription for visiting me, or perhaps I could now come myself. The new prescription would be no problem, but to come myself means taking the car. I am still thinking about it, but I know I must bite into the bitter apple. Yes, I will do it, tomorrow, perhaps the day after. The next time I will drive the car all on my own. After all I do not need to know the name of the physio therapist, I just have to know how to drive the car.

Daily Prompt: Vague

Good Morning

Apple Tree

My apple trees are showing themselves from their best side. This tree has been in my garden for almost 20 years. I bought it as a sapling in the local supermarket on a special offer. I remember a few protests at them time. It is too big for our little garden etc. etc, Admittedly it has grown over the years, but we have been rewarded with good apple harvests. Last year there were only half as many apples as usual, but I think it was protesting against the builders in our garden. If the flowers develop into apples it looks like a record harvest. I just hope that we have no surprise storms or hail. It produces quite good apples known as Fiorina, on the bigger size and with some red on their cheeks (just like me).

Apple Tree

I also have a second apple tree, which is also showing its flowers this year. This tree has a special meaning for me. It was back in the days when I was a working woman. Now and again I ate an apple for my morning break, usually the sort Gala. They were nicely red, juicy and sweet. I had a plant on my desk and put some apple seeds in the pot. One day they began to grow, and grow and grow. I removed them from the pot and repotted them at home. With time they got bigger and I planted two in my garden. I never really hoped for anything, but they began to grow. One of them is now a tree, a big tree and two years ago, after 10 years, it flowered. I had my first 4 apples. Unfortunately they were not viable and were more interesting for various insects as part of their diet. I did not give up and a year later I again had apples. This time they survived, just a few, but I knew this tree was here to stay. This year it is flowering again and it is now established.

I had a stay at home day yesterday. I decided to leave the paths to the Sunday tourists. I like to take my wheelies with enough room to take photos and observe nature.

Feldbrunnen village 21.04 (3)

This is the sort of thing you find at the week-ends, although I took this photo last Friday. Some people like to have a three day week-end I suppose: one of the advantages of being a golden oldie, we no longer have week-ends and do not have to mix with the masses. This is the path to the local castle, and everyone likes to visit the castle in the good weather.

Lilac 22.04 (2)

I decided to take a closer look at my garden yesterday and discovered that our lilac tree in the meadow opposite had produced buds. It will not be long and the flowers will open.

Today is a day to enjoy the fresh air of the supermarket. The shopping plan was made yesterday. It is plain and simple on Monday and I decided on hamburgers for lunch. I had a brilliant idea this morning and will make them myself for a change instead of buying the ready made: at least I will know what they contain, and knocking up a hamburger is no great work – I hope.

And now to a bit of cleaning with my various machines, yes I can do it again, at least I give it a try. This afternoon I have a visit from the physio therapist with some more training tips. I now stand and sit up and down 10 times, twice a day at my computer whilst it is doing the Malwarebyte show at the end of the work. This is an exercise to strength my leg muscles it seems, but all I seem to get are aches and pains. I suppose it is good for something.

Enjoy the day, I leave you with one of my garden tulips.

Tulips 22.04 (1)