Good Morning


As I was still hugging my bed this morning I noticed the play with light effects caused by the sun on my widows with the curtain stripes. Having my iPhone next to the bed I grabbed it and took a photo, actually two. These are just moments in time, a play of light. My iPad is also next to the bed. I know space is getting cramped on my bedside table, but I realised that yesterday was Earth Day and in some parts of the world still today. What a way to show us its glory with such demonstrations of light, caused by a sun saying good morning.  I mentioned to Mr. Swiss this morning that it has been a long time since we have had such wonderful Spring weather. Every morning and all day sun, warm temperatures and nature is exploding everywhere. Even Kim Jong-un in North Korea  seems to be feeling the change: no more nuclear tests and even closing down one of his sites. Can we believe it? is he also celebrating Earth Day, or is he just proving his point that he can do it if he feels like it. Anyhow I find the light grey suits he now wears suit him better.

Clouds 21.04 (5)

And so I took yet another wheelie into the surrounding countryside yesterday afternoon in my chair. I was undecided, but Mr. Swiss found I should go and make the most of the good weather, he convinced me. At the moment I disappear regularly every afternoon for 1-2 hours, does he want to get rid of me?

Solothurn Kantonsschule 21.01 (2)

This time I decided to take a different route and took a trip around the grounds of the local high school. I never realised how large it was. I usually only see it as we drive past  on the way to the supermarket, but this time I had a look at it in detail. They have a few scultures in the surrounding grounds and I at last got a full view of this one, which has been there for many years. I have no idea what it is supposed to be, must ask No. 2 son, as he attended this school before departing for university.

Horse 21.04 (4)

I paid my usual visit to the stables on the way home via the cemetery, and the pony was outside with one of his bigger brothers. The pony is mainly there for children’s rides. You can also have riding lessons at the stables, but no my sort of thing, I just like to take photos.

Eventually I returned home and must say Mr. Swiss did have a good idea to send me on my way. I always feel so refreshed afterwards. I think I get out more now than I did in my pre-wheelchair days.  I can walk, and at home I hobble around on my cane. Now and again use my walker, which is more a transport system, but going places I have to take the car or general transport. But my wheelchair is ideal, it gives me the independence I need, and I can take my camera and additional lens with me.

Yesterday was the first evening we ate our evening meal outside on the porch and probably the first evening of many. The weather was ideal and somehow you enjoy food more in the open air, at least I do. With the help of No. 1 son, Mr. Swiss transported our sun shade again from the cellar to the porch. Now we are really celebrating summer. We still reflect back to this time last year when we had a scaffolding in front of the porch and a tiny table to make room for the building work. Yes last year was a lost summer in our lives, but we are now making up for lost time.

I hope your seasons are playing well with you, I wish you all a happy earth day, keep the rubbish where it belongs in the garbage can and be careful where you walk, a beetle or ant might also be taking a walk and would be glad not to see the sole of your shoe.

I leave you with some spring blossoms seen on a tree on my walk. If my horticulturist friend in California is reading this, I would be glad to know what these flowers are 🙂

Flowering tree 21.04 (2)

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Mr Swiss doesn’t want to be rid of you, he wants his mightily refreshed wife back with photos and stories, buzzing and in a good mood. He knows your excursions do you good and so he encourages you.

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  2. Wonderful thoughts for a spring morning. It is finally “starting” to look like Spring here on East Coast of USA, although I have decided to keep my fingers crossed for one more week since it is supposed to have a chill yet again this coming week, then take off with warmer temps. The horse statue … there are similar ones at the Ming Tombs in China, and also at the tombs in Xi’an where the buried terra cotta army statues were unearthed, although this one looks more like the ones from Ming Tombs … just a thought. Enjoy Spring !!!

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    • They are real horses at the local stables, but were probably posing for my photo. I have seen films of the terra cotta army in the tombs in China, but nothing similar in Switzerland – probably too many mountains in between. We have not had such a wonderful Spring like this for some time and it is warm.


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