Daily Prompt: Partake

I have been partaking in these daily prompts for many years. They used to be situations which were described in a few short words: invite your favourite book characters to dinner, who are they and what do you talk about. Perhaps you have won a fortune and what do you do with the money. And then someone somewhere ran out of ideas, so they were repeated for a year, probably for the newcomers. This eventually bored the regulars like myself and I know I was at the point of forgetting the whole thing.

Chickens 08.04 (1)

Yes, even the local chickens were sympathising, especially as they had been moved to a new place at the farm. Their mobile home is now in an area almost impossible for close-up photos.

Chickens 18.04 (2)

We now have to cluck at each other from a distance and photos of the new arrivals have almost become impossible. Yes, when the hens are no longer laying, probably due to their senior years, fresh meat is organised. So is the life of a chicken. We now have younger hens partaking in the egg laying sessions. Of course the rooster is happy, the male species always is when something new, younger and fresh arrives.

I am digressing. The daily prompts are no longer complicated explanations of what to write, but just one word. I must admit this does not bother me so much, I just have a problem sometimes wondering what these words mean or where they are found. Partake is no problem, but inchoate or mnemonic? Yes well some of us are still trying to work that one out. However we must be thankful, we are being educated and are continuously learning something new. As you can see, I am still partaking.

And the chickens?

Chickens 18.04 (3)

We now look at each other from a distance. They are waiting for the daily visit from the rooster, and I am waiting for their house to be moved to a place where I can again take photos.

Every day I look forward to the new daily prompt word, hoping for inspiration and enjoyment in partaking in the ritual and laying my daily egg/blog.

Daily Prompt: Partake

11 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Partake

  1. Our local chickens used to roam free, but between the foxes and coyote, they farmer finally wired them into a large pen. It’s plenty big enough and it keeps out the predators, but it’s very hard to get a shot because somehow, that wire fence is always in exactly the wrong spot! I get bored with the daily post, but it seems to depend on where they’ve opened the dictionary and whether or not I’ve got a cute story about something vaguely relevant 🙂

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    • They have two groups of chickens. The old established group that live in the original wooden chicken coup and the new groupies living in the modern coup on wheels. Both groups are free range and sometimes you find one or two wandering free. Now and again the fox might snatch one or two but that seems to be a calculated risk. My zoom lens is quite good at making the fence invisible, but often brings the photo subject too close.


  2. I don’t believe you laid an egg on your daily blog. When I saw your first picture I thought it was going to be “Guess what chicken butt.” I have to agree with you making these same blog post takes a lot of imagination. I love your chicken posts, eggs or not. I may be a person who believes in chickens rights. As a child my grandmother raised free ranging huge Rhode Island Red chickens, those big old roosters would look us little kids right straight in the eye. We were sent scampering back to Grandmother’s protection on many occasions.

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    • I have a soft spot for most animals, but our stables also have chickens where you can buy eggs. I find chickens are interesting to watch. We just have average chickens in various colours and one rooster


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