Daily Prompt: Mallet


“Good job we have a mallet”

“What did you need a mallet for?”

“I am roasting a chicken this evening, and it is nice an fresh from the farmer.”

“You mean it is still alive?”

“Well it was this morning.”

“You killed it.”

“It is not breathing or clucking or doing whatever chickens do when they are alive, so I assume it is now dead.”

“You used the mallet on the poor chicken.”

“I will do now.”

“But if it is dead you do not have to kill it again. And I am not sure that I want to eat a chicken that you killed.”

“You are convinced that I killed it.”

“Well you said you were glad we have a mallet.”

“The chicken salesmen said they are most tender if you beat them with a mallet.”

“You are beating a chicken to death?”

“No, it is already dead.”

“When did you kill it.”

“I did not kill it, it was already dead when I bought it in the store. It seems if you hammer the meat with a heavy object, a mallet is the best, the meat will  be even more tender. Just like when you hammer a steak.”

“Thank goodness, I prefer my chicken meals to be anonymous.”

“I do not think that the chicken would remember you if he met you when he was still laying eggs.”

“OK, then cook it, but stop making so much noise beating it, it is already dead, or?”

“Of course, I prefer my chickens already prepared before roasting. I just put the finishing touches to it.”

“With a mallet?”

“Yes, the newest method of cooking them.”

Daily Prompt: Mallet

Good Morning

Alps 20.04 (2)

It is again a promising sunny morning and it looks like the pre summer weather is still with us. I managed to squeeze in an hour’s wheelie in my chair yesterday afternoon which surprised me as I did not think I would have the time. Even golden oldies have to plan their escapades. The cleaning lady arrived, and now I am happy. After years of battling with keeping things more or less tidy and clean I now have a help: no more bathroom, shower or kitchen cleaning. I am a lucky person. Of course cleaning is not free, but I had to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages, and discovered there were more advantages for a golden oldie.

As you approach the grey years, as least my hair does, you rethink situations. Last year our apartment block was completely renovated, nearly all decided it was something good. We did not. The work is now done and surprisingly did not cost as much as estimated. There are talks about further work in the next 20 years: one of the advantages of growing old, I suppose. I could not care less. They can cover everything in gold plate as far as I am concerned as I will not be paying for it, but those that come afterwards.  I have spent my complete life caring and thinking about the future and now I do not care any more. My cleaning lady is part of my new life. We both have a win-win situation.

Cows 20.04 (6)

And what shall we do today? I am still thinking about it, although you can only take so many photos and eventually there is no new subject material. The cows have returned and they are now in my photographic archives.

Saturdays used to be the beginning of the week-end, two free days in the week to do what you want to and when you want to. Even that pleasure has now disappeared in the golden oldie sunset, as you get free days every day. The problem is now rembering what the name of the day is. How often do we go shopping on Friday for the week-end and have a feeling that it is actually Saturday: another golden oldie problem. When you are two golden oldies, you might think that it helps, but not when both forget the same things. Another problem is that you do not know how you will feel the next day, until it arrives. If you manage to leave your bed in one piece it is an event worth celebrating. My next decision is whether to manage with a stick, or do I need my walker. Since I have a stick holder fitted on my walker, I can do both at once. I am trying to manage only with a stick, but walkers are so useful for transporting stuff like iPads and iPhones and even stuff from the fridge that you need on a working surface in the kitchen.

I have a new hobby actually. It is walker spotting. It is amazing how many golden oldies rely on them. In the supermarket you now have to clear space for them. It used to be the trolleys that were a disturbance in the supermarket, but now you have golden oldies with their walkers, including me, I am part of the team. Yesterday I went for a wheelie and noticed a golden oldie that arrived at the cemetery, with a walker. You see them everywhere, but one thing I must say. I do feel more safe and secure with one. A stick is good, but for shopping they are ideal. I can also balance on them whilst taking a photo and put stuff in them that I see on the shelves. Mr. Swiss has the trolley, I have the walker and together we are the perfect team.

So enough of the senior problems in life, I must now get into action, but with the stick. The walker would now be in the way. Make the most of the day and I hope you enjoy it. Here is a spring greeting from my walk yesterday.

Flowering Tree 20.04 (1)